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Thank you for your responses!
Recently several emails were sent out regarding help needed by fellow Quad-Stack users.  Although there were a few glitches in the system due to recent server updating, many of you clicked through to see if you could help, and some valuable responses were posted.

We love our customers and their willingness to help each other!
It's Stock-Up Time!
It's time to take inventory of your supply shelves to make sure you have what you need to get through the upcoming holiday season.

Lists of recommended spare parts are available in the user group.  Part lists with prices for in-stock inventory (valid for the next couple of weeks only) are available by request.

Contact Gail for the particular pricing-included list you would like to see.
In the User Group
Single Oscillator QS Manual updated
The brush module pages have been updated to reflect current bearings.  If you have downloaded and printed these manuals, please replace pages 51-54 with the current assembly drawings.
From our "Worth Reading" section:
How Newspapers Can Gain Back Auto Dealers as Advertisers (An E & P article)


Have your forgotten your user name or password?  Please email Gail and she'll get you going again.

Welcome to our newest Quad-Stack users

El Paso, Inc. of El Paso, Texas and the Minden Press Herald (a Specht Newspaper) in Louisiana have recently acquired Quad-Stack units.  Both have been using WebPress equipment for a number of years, and chose to increase their 4-color capabilities.


Random Trivia:  Reindeer
The European Reindeer and American Caribou are the same thing.  Reindeer comes from the Old Norse word "hreinin," which means "horned animal." Caribou is based on the French word for "snow shoveler," in reference to the animal's habit of digging through the snow for food.

Clement C. Moore's poem, "A Visit from Saint Nicholas," which first introduced the world to Santa's reindeer, describes them as tiny. The only reindeer that could really be considered tiny are the Svalbard subspecies, which weigh about half as much as the average reindeer species and are at least a foot shorter in length - that definitely proves useful when landing on roofs.

Strangely, you'll almost never see these guys in depictions of Santa, as live-action films usually use full-sized reindeer and animations usually draw the creatures as a cross between a regular deer and a reindeer.

While human vision cuts off at wavelengths around 400 nm, reindeers can see up to 320 nm. This range only covers the part of the spectrum we can see with the help of a black light, but it is still enough to help reindeer see things like white fur in high contrast that they would otherwise miss against the glowing white of the Arctic.
facts gleaned from
Holiday Reminder: Christmas / New Year
Our offices are closed for regular business December 23rd through the 26th as well as Monday, January 2nd.  We do, however, monitor our email and phone systems for messages from customers who have urgent needs. 

Rick Guinn:  (Operations Manager)

Scott Roberts:  (Parts Manager)

Gail Sampson:  (Customer Support)

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