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Dates to Remember
Dec 6
Support Group with Penny

Dec 6
PREP semester ends

Dec 19
Open House at the BWF office

Dec 23- Jan 4
Winter Break

Dec 26-28
Winter Break  Session 1

Jan 2-4
Winter Break Session 2

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Happy Holidays!   


Words on Cristi's Outreach Foundation

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Each success begins with the decision to try. Sometimes we stumble and fall, but we mostly stand up and keep going. I started my journey with a clear goal in mind: to make these kids' worlds better. Now, I never say, "We can't." I always begin with, "Let's see."


I continued my training with children with autism and it reminded me of my childhood and the happiness I felt successfully learning something new. When I offered strong reinforces to children, I could see the same happiness on their faces. I could see the joy in their eyes when the endless spinning of the bubble container was replaced with blowing bubbles; the feeding bottle was replaced with age-appropriate eating utensils, and temper tantrums were replaced with the ability to communicate.


I have so much to say about how I started my journey with the foundation! I do not think a lifetime is enough to thank Tracy for all of her help. She changed the lives of these wonderful children. Without her help, these Cristi's Outreach children would have not had a second chance and I would have not known how to help them. She is my role model. I have learned so much from her. I learned that a person is never as important as when they kneel down to help a child and I learned that the secret to happiness is not just doing what brings you joy, but doing what you must do with joy.


Cristi's Outreach Foundation made it to year 2013, and as I look back on our journey, I see the happy children who got their childhood back and who now go to regular education schools. The emotions the staff experience when these kids come back to visit us and thank us are indescribable. Hearing them say "thank you" with their whole hearts is the biggest accomplishment of my life.


With love,

Nicoleta Carmen Ababi-Caravelea
Director of Cristi's Outreach Foundation


Cristi's Campaign 

Donate as low as $10 to help a child in need

$10 will pay for three social and language skills groups. 

$15 will pay for one educational toy or set of educational materials for Cristi's Outreach Children. 

$70 will pay for one week of one-to-one
ABA therapy for a child. 

$100 will pay for one month of the school preparatory program for a child. 

$280 will pay for one month of life-changing therapy for a child. 

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 What is Cristi's Outreach?


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Winter Open House

Winter Break Sessions

Open to all

Ages 2- 9


The Brent Woodall Foundation is offering Winter Sessions from December 26-28 and January 2-4. These sessions will be in a group setting and will focus on maintaining skills outside of a one-to-one therapeutic setting. In a small group, each child will rotate through six stations that will focus on cognitive and language skills taught by movement, music, sensory games, and much more. The Winter Sessions are open to everyone, including families who do not already use the foundation's services. 



Download the registration form.


Turn it into:


Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children

3021 Gateway Drive, Suite 295

Irving, Texas 75063


fax: 214-614-4650


email: info@woodallkids.org


Autism, Adolescence, 
and Adulthood


The transition period between adolescence and adulthood will be one of the most critical times in your child's life. During this time, you and your child will be deciding on future goals such as vocation, post-secondary education, housing, and other important decisions regarding your child's future as an adult. Transition planning is a mandatory service provided under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and will be a part of your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) starting between ages 14-16. The future holds many unknowns; however, there are many skills that will be necessary during this transition period and adulthood that you can begin teaching at a young age. 


One of these skills is self-advocacy. As an adult, your child will need to be able to self-advocate to the best of his or her ability. It is important that your child be able to express his or her desires, preferences, and challenges.  It is never too late or early to start teaching self-advocacy. 


Begin by offering your child choices. Allow them to make small decisions about their life (within reason) such as picking from choices in clothing, drinks, or food. Push for independence in the home and the community. Allow your child to try things on their own (e.g. make their own snack, dress themselves, etc.); if you find they struggle with the task or are unable to complete it on their own, use that moment to teach functional phrases such as "help me," "open," or "more." Push your child to be independent and interact with the community. For example, have your child practice ordering for him or herself at a restaurant. Providing your child with these experiences and exposure is the first step to building fundamental skills that they will need as adults and throughout their lifetime. 


From the desk of Jennifer Chen,
Assistant Director of Behavior Services 




BWF Books Now on Amazon!

Meeting Challenges, Making Connections
A Brent Woodall Foundation book series
Written by Carol Alexander
Illustrated by Richard Weinstein


These children's books are designed for the Brent Woodall Foundation's unique children and special families. Geared for children ages 4 through 9, these books feature lovable kids coping with vital issues and mastering important skills. 

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  A Super Easy Way to Help 

Register yourself on www.GoodSearch.com and choose the Brent Woodall Foundation as the mission you want to support. Every time you use the GoodSearch search engine, the company will donate one cent to the Brent Woodall Foundation. This is an alternative to Google that will do a whole lot of GOOD for children with autism. It is free and easy to use. Fund-raise for the BWF with just a click of your mouse!
Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children


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