Vol. 5 Issue 11
Happy Holidays
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Please note that we will be  closed on Christmas Day, Monday December 25, 2017, Boxing Day Tuesday December 26, 2017 and New Year's Day, Monday January 1, 2018.
Have trouble leash walking?

" When it comes to walking on a leash, you need to begin with baby steps - literally.
"Puppies are not born understanding how to walk on a leash," says dog trainer Rendy Schuchat

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Pet of the Month: Kremlin

Meet Kremlin, she was recently hospitalized for a gastroenteritis but she pulled through and has been coming in for her vaccinations!

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Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel

Cat Corner: Nail Trimming

Use Antibiotics Responsibly

#AntiMicrobialResistance Farmers and animal owners, what can you do?
#AntiMicrobialResistance Farmers and animal owners, what can you do?
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