December 2018
Merry Christmas from Banting's!
'Tis the season!
Give your friends & family a unique Christmas gift.
Give the gift of health & happiness with a plant!

Don't know what to buy? Banting's has you covered. We've created a picture list of the perfect plant gift ideas.

Christmas Cactus Care
Indoor Care:
Grow your Christmas Cactus near a window that receives plenty of sunlight. Water when the soil surface is dry. Some buds and flowers will drop off the plant if it becomes too dry.
Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs
December is the perfect time to plant hardy trees and shrubs in your Louisiana landscape!

Click the link to learn more from Banting's horticulturist, Jill:
Saints Football Raffle
Contest Ends December 15th!
Give your Saint's fan the ultimate Christmas gift!

To Enter:
1. Like Our Facebook Page, Banting's Northshore
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