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from Woodson Engineering and Surveying
December 2020
Volume 8
Issue 2
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  • Construction Begins on Forest Tank
  • Dogtown Waterline
  • Timber Sky and Route 66
  • Staff Photo
Construction Begins on Forest Tank
A new one million gallon water storage tank for the City of Williams, designed by Woodson, is currently under construction. Known as the Forest Tank, construction of the new bolted steel potable water storage tank began in June of this year. The low bid contractor hired for the job was locally owned Kinney Construction Services, Inc. Kinney completed the construction of a retaining wall and has installed 2,000 feet of 12” DIP connecting pipes. They are framing the tank foundation and are racing to finish the project before winter sets in.

The project is funded by the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA). Woodson has helped many communities with the WIFA process including projects totaling over $15 million in Williams and $5 million in Winslow. In addition to WIFA, we also manage and administer many CDBG projects throughout the region.

Construction of the Forest Tank, Williams, Arizona.
Dogtown Waterline Completed
Woodson has completed the design of a new 15 mile dual waterline for the City of Williams, funded by a WIFA loan. The new dual waterlines will replace a single line that mixes well water and lake water. Now, one line will be dedicated to the well water and the other to the lake water. The well water can then be connected directly to the potable water distribution system after chlorination, while only the lake water would need to be treated at the water treatment plant. Bid opening was scheduled for November and the City received ten bids.
Home Building Underway at Timber Sky
Woodson has wrapped up its role in the design of Flagstaff’s newest, and one of its largest residential subdivisions. Known as Timber Sky, the site on the western edge of the City of Flagstaff is a multi-phased 200-acre 1,300-unit master planned community located along Historic Route 66. Home building and home sales are underway for this community which will include FUTS and Flagstaff Loop Trail connectivity as well as dark skies, pathways, community gardens, parks and picnic areas. 

Woodson managed all aspects of the City of Flagstaff approval process. The project began with a Development Assessment Report and our services have included managing annexation and rezoning through the Preliminary Block Plat phase, all the way to the preparation of construction plans.

Route 66
As part of the development agreement for this project, the developer was required to make improvements to Route 66 locations. Woodson has designed and managed this component of the project as well. 

The design included widening; lane additions; curb, gutter and sidewalk; LID stormwater basins; drainage report; traffic signal design at Woodlands Blvd., and University Ave; and foundations/conduits for a future signal at Woody Mountain Rd.

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided not to gather for our annual staff picture. Instead, all staff sent in their pictures that have been arranged against a snowy background.

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