From the Interim Minister
This will be my last newsletter article for FCC Lafayette. Our last Sunday will be Dec. 30. We have really enjoyed working with you during what will be eleven and a half months. You have been very responsive to us, and best of all we have felt loved.
I need to say that once the worship service is over on Dec. 30, I will no longer be your minister. That will not be difficult for you to realize as by the evening of New Year’s Day, we be nearly 1,100 miles away. But let me assure you that you will still be dear to us, and we will think of you often.
You do need to know a few things about how we will relate to you. Dorothy carries on a letter correspondence with all who like to write letters. If you prefer, it can be an email correspondence. She writes the letter and I type it into the email. Our snail mail address is 2605 Freedom Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, and our email address is .
We mail our Christmas greetings the day before or the day after Thanksgiving. We do that so you will know where we are by the time you are ready to mail your Christmas greeting. Next Thanksgiving we will mail our greeting to everyone who has been active in the church while we have been here. If we hear from you in 2019, you will be on our greeting list for 2020.
We are very excited about your new minister. We feel Andrew will be a great minister and will continue the tradition of a long ministry with you.
We are going to miss you and will miss the great apartment you provided for us despite the street construction since April.
Blessings, Phillip (and Dorothy too)

Please keep in your prayers
**Congregational prayer requests will remain in the bulletin for 2 weeks unless office is otherwise notified**
M. Charlene Bowman--Mulberry; Sally Brunger—Westminster (B17); Marylou Curtis—Westminster (3404); Sue England--Cumberland Point (105); Charles Fairfield--Signature Health Care; Marilyn Galloway--Creasy Springs (201); Gordon & Joyce Hamilton--home; Vernetta Lynn--Rosewalk; Lucille Maris—Westminster (2401); Suzie Mounts—Elmcroft (124); Flo Peters--Friendship House (320); Wanda Sharp--Indianapolis; Ralph Ward—Rosewalk (87); Ruby Ward—son Marcus Haley’s home; Connie Zarzour—home 
Suzie Kelsey—recovering from surgery 
I am so grateful for all the caring concern shown by good friends at First Christian during my recent surgery. For your prayers, the beautiful prayer shawl, the cards, the calls and visits—thank you, thank you! Joan Stefaniak

To the Congregation of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Lafayette, Indiana,

I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude and thanks for all of the support that the congregation has given me to support me on my path to ordination. With the two scholarships I received, I was able to pay for my books, stay at Christian Theological Seminary's Hospitality House, and pay for my classes. These funds have been a tremendous help in lifting many of the financial burdens of school and has allowed me to continue my education at Christian Theological Seminary. Without your help, I would not be able to pursue my Master of Divinity at CTS. Thank you so much for all of your support as a congregation in my continued efforts to seek ordination with the Disciples of Christ. Sincerely, Stephen Eberhard
First Baptist Church and First Christian Church present:
Behold, A Savior!
Songs & Stories of His Birth
Featuring choir, orchestra, soloists, and dramatic stories

Music by Jay Rouse
Lyrics and stories by Rose Aspinall
Directed by Jeffrey Goodspeed

Sunday, December 9, 2018
10:00 am
First Christian Church
December Muggers
John & Debbie Prewett
December 2nd
Team Leader: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Mary Fran Nelson & Dawn Ramey

December 9th
Team Leader: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullian
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Fred Navarra & Laura Gullian

December 16th
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Josh Tully
Serving: Sue Dismore
Set Up & Clean Up: Josh Tully & Sue Dismore

December 23rd
Team Leader: Sandie Hauser
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Serving: Dee Chitty
Serving: Greg Smith
Set Up & Clean Up: Dee Chitty & Greg Smith

December 24th
7pm Candlelight Service
Team Leader: Sandie Hauser
Serving Debbie Schneider
Serving: Carly Schneider
Serving: Dee Chitty
Set Up & Clean Up: Everyone