Volume 14 | December 2020
December Newsletter
Help Us Grow - Refer a Family!
We are currently enrolling at all of our Skip-a-Long centers! Spaces are limited by age group. Check out our website for specific openings by center and to learn more about our COVID-19 precautions. We would love to welcome new children into our hearts and classrooms!

Refer a Family and Earn $100!*
We are offering a Referral Bonus program to help us grow our school family. Refer a family to a Skip-a-Long center and we will give you $100 (after that family stays for 60 days)!
*This offer is only available for currently enrolled Skip-a-Long families and Skip-a-Long staff.
Mindfulness: Being Present
Mindfulness is important for both children and adults. We sometimes get so caught up with the thoughts in our head, the "should'ves" and the "what ifs", that we forget to enjoy the present moment. When you are fully present, you will feel more peaceful and joyful.

Being mindful means being fully present and aware of your senses, thoughts, and emotions. When you are being mindful, there is no interpretation or judgement of your thoughts, only calmness and relaxation. Here are some tips on practicing mindfulness in your every day life.

What is Conscious Discipline?
At Skip-a-Long, we use an evidence-based classroom management practice called Conscious Discipline, that focuses on the development of social-emotional and self-regulation skills of both children and adults. Based on an understanding of three primary brain states – Survival; Emotional; and Executive – Conscious Discipline tailors interactions that are best suited for each unique situation. 

Classroom staff utilize the seven skills of Conscious Discipline, including: Composure, Encouragement, Assertiveness, Choices, Empathy, Positive Intent, and Consequences. By providing consistency and building connection – playfulness, eye contact, physical touch, and presence – children feel safe in the classroom and develop skills of self-regulation, which is necessary for learning.

More information and family resources on Conscious Discipline can be found here!
Happy Holidays!
All Skip-a-Long campuses will be CLOSED on Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th for holiday break. We will also be closed on Friday, January 1st in observance of New Year's Day.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!
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