December 2022

Looking back on 2022, we have been able to accomplish many goals as an organization. We continually worked with people and organizations toward our mission of fuller inclusion and integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of our communities.

We were able to build ramps for people in need while also raising additional money we hope will help us expand ramp possibilities in all three counties next year.

Towards the beginning of the year we finally opened our 2nd office space down in Adrian. It is located on on the top floor of the Human Services building in Suite 3010, right next to Dept. on Aging. Please feel free to stop-by and say hi.

The Loan Closet has an updated policy:

  • Hours - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday 9-4
  • People may be let inside to wait but MUST wear a mask at all times in the building.
  • There will be a MAX CAPACITY of 6 guests inside at one time.
  • Curbside service is still available for people not wanting to come inside or wish to not wear a mask.
  • We still ask for people to call ahead to ensure best service.

Take time to look back on this previous year and the proud moments you had. We often get so focused on the grand scheme or the big picture that we don't celebrate or recognize the victories along the way. Those successes are the moments that will get you through hard times in the future. Big and small, you have accomplished many things in 2022 and we can't wait to see what comes next.

Celebrate the ending, but appreciate the journey.

Awareness Month for

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Universal Human Rights


1 - World AIDS Day

2 - Special Education Day

3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities

10 - Human Rights Day

18 - Chanukah begins at Nightfall

20 - Games Day

21 - 1st Day of Winter

25 - Christmas

26 - Kwanzaa Begins

31 - New Years Eve

**disAbility Connections will be closed for holidays Dec 22 @12:30 - Jan 2**

Returning at 8:30am January 3rd

Home Supports to

Avoid Cut-Offs

As winter closes in, don't allow pride to get you stuck in the cold. There are times when people need help with their telephone, broadband, or home energy bills or receive shut off protection for their utility service. If you need help, you are not alone. Last year, hundreds of thousands of fellow Michiganders needed a little extra support. Available help, shut off protections, and how to apply can all be found if you Read More.

past due bills on a desk with a calculator
home with a wooden ramp that runs the length of the driveway and crosses over it to connect to the home

Home Ramp Program

In January, we will begin taking applications for the 2023 Jackson County home ramp builds. Each year we try to build 5 ramps or more (depending on funding) for qualifying county applicants. For more information you can call our main number @ 517-782-6054 or check ramp requirements on our website.

Donate to Ramp It Up 2022

Winter = Winter Roads. Are You Ready?

Hope no one gets too upset when I use that 4 letter S--- word. The mere thought makes me cringe already. So I'll just spell it.

S-N-O-W, Eeeks! Sorry, I had to do it.

Soon those little "S" words will be floating around all over, all smug-like. Then they'll be ganging up making piles wherever they want and leaving us to deal with the drifts. Just waiting to ruin our day and our vehicles.

But, now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak... and I still have not found a way to successfully return it to where it came from, we must think of what to do when all this s**w is around.

Have you checked on your emergency road kit?  What supplies do you have now? What do you need? It is better to check now and be ready, rather than wishing for it later.


Start with the basic essentials for changing a tire. Know where to find your tire jack, spare tire (check the air pressure because a flat spare won't help much), and wrench? Have a blanket, extra gloves (maybe boots), hand warmers, and a hat in case you get stuck? Speaking of getting stuck, here are a few items that’ll help be unstuck:

  • Bag of NON-clumping kitty litter or sand – for traction
  • Collapsible snow shovel – for digging
  • Flashlight – It gets dark early!

A few other things that are helpful would be having a membership with AAA for roadside assistance or using a vehicle system like GM's OnStar or Ford's SYNC. Not only do they connect you with emergency services, but they can also help identify your location. Cell phones are great, but not when you forget it, the battery dies, or it gets thrown out of arm's reach during an accident.

3 Winter Rescue Essentials

a collapsible shovel is shown at full length and also broken down for easier storage

Collapsible shovels like this will be extremely helpful in case you get stuck and their compact size allows for easier vehicle storage.

a large yellow bag of non clumping  kitty litter

Non clumping Kitty litter provides that extra traction to make getting unstuck easier.

a set of thick black wool socks gloves hat and a fleece blanket are shown

Stashing an extra blanket, hat, gloves, and even thick socks to wear will help to keep those extremities warm.

We hope you have a safe and happy new year!

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