New Year, New Goal:
End the Trophy Hunting of Wolves in the GYE and across Wyoming
Seasons Greetings, friends and supporters!

It will come of little surprise to many of you, but these have been a tumultuous few weeks. A series of events has underscored the critical nature of our efforts, and we've been hard at work developing insightful and innovative ways to rise and meet evolving challenges.

Like many of you, we were shocked and saddened by the killing of Spitfire just steps outside of Yellowstone National Park. These wolves - like our grizzlies - are loved by people from across the globe. Literally millions of people would rather see these lobos alive, and every year they flock to our corner of the world with hopes of encountering one in the wild. And then there are the mere handful of people who would rather kill a wolf for sport.

Why do managers continually value the voices of the few over the many? The vast majority of us find trophy hunting repugnant. It's time to stop prioritizing hunters.

The importance of predators on the landscape was further reinforced by the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Grand Teton National Park. As one of our only defenses against the grave impact of this always-fatal disease, wolves are potentially the best hope that our elk and deer herds have against decimation.

The bottom line is this: Wolves are worth infinitely more alive than dead. It's high time that management evolved to reflect the values of the many, not the trophy-hunting few.

Read more about the Spitfire Fund below - it's our aggressive new initiative to protect wolves around the GYE and across the state of Wyoming. We hope you'll help us maximize the impact of our efforts and make sure that Spitfire is the last wolf to be killed for sport.

As always, we are profoundly grateful. Without your support, our work wouldn't be possible. In honor of Spitfire, we wish you and your pack a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Melissa P. Thomasma
Executive Director
Originally, WWA planned to kick off our new wolf campaign in January of 2019. However, the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Teton County and the disturbing trophy killing of Spitfire outside of Yellowstone inspired us to reconsider the timeline. It became clear that strong, clear voices for the wolves of the GYE were needed  immediately .

An unlimited number of wolves can be killed in the predator zone which encompasses most of the state. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some problems that could be addressed by letting wolves exist on the landscape and regulate themselves.

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A bull moose captured by Kent Nelson.
A compelling chronicle of the life of wolf 06 - Spitfire's mother. Follow the pawprints of this iconic wolf, and those of the Lamar Valley Pack.

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Photo credit (Spitfire) - Jason Pazo