Volume I | December, 21 2018
Let's Celebrate Christmas Differently
The core mission of Developing Our World is to put holistic community development into practice. We do that by intentionally focusing on the well-being of every human being in the communities where we work. By partnering closely with local community groups, leaders, teachers, doctors, pastors, priests, churches, schools, clinics, and families, we address the root causes of poverty that directly impact the community, especially its most vulnerable members. We believe that people should enjoy good health, be educated for life, have a home, experience the love of God and their neighbors, be protected, and participate in their own development. Therefore, we want to celebrate Christmas differently this year, demonstrating the Gospel through actions of love. 

The message of Christmas means that the, “Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Cf. John 1:14). God’s incarnation in this world was real and tangible. He did something to remind us that we are not alone and that He was (is) with us; therefore, His love compels us to do something and this something is to share and demonstrate His love with others. 

We would like to challenge you to demonstrate the love of Christ this Christmas. Think about a friend that needs your help. Go and help! Think about your community that struggles with something. Try to solve the problem! Think about your church that is trying to make a difference through actions of love. Go and love! Think about an organization that you support. Go and assist it!

Developing Our World will celebrate Christmas differently this year and with your support, we will have an even greater impact. We have been raising funds to train several leaders in Vivares Village in Guatemala this year and know that it will only be possible with your prayers and help. Please, consider working with us and supporting community development, so you too can celebrate Christmas differently. 
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House Construction
Developing Our World build houses in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The cost of the house is $5,000.00. You can make a difference this Christmas helping a family to have a house.