Volume II | December 31, 2019
An Incredible Year
Developing Our World has had an incredible year. Contacts were made, partnerships formed, service locations found, and donations received. But most importantly, we achieved our goal to send teams and training leaders to communities in Guatemala. We are thankful to inform you that we have 15 established places where our partners can serve domestically or abroad with a focus on the USA and Guatemala.

Holistic community development is our niche. Through our approach, we are making disciples, training leaders, and developing communities without creating dependency because we are helping the individuals to depend on God. We believe that holistic community development allows us to focus on the whole Gospel just as Jesus preached and taught God's Word and demonstrated good works. He always proclaimed and demonstrated the Gospel to his followers. Both were equally important to Jesus.

Another positive thing about holistic community development is that we at Developing Our World are able to navigate in both secular and religious worlds with respect. We are able to work in a secular world with openness and acceptance of all people, cultures, and other systems. For we are in the world, but we are not of this world. Therefore, we must dialogue, interact, and get in touch with all the systems - economic, social, religious, and political of our society in order to be salt and light to every human being.

Holistic Community Development also encourages us to live outside of our comfort zones and rely on our partners with care and respect so we can complement their efforts in their communities without hurting them.The short-term teams and individuals we send are trained to listen and respect the locals as they serve among and with them.

Finally, we are committed to reestablish the broken relationships as a result of our "poverty" - poverty of Spiritual intimacy, poverty of being, poverty of community and poverty of stawardship. "Jesus brings reconciliation to every last speck of the universe, including both our foundational relationships and the systems that emanate from them. Poverty is rooted in broken relationships, so the solution to poverty is rooted in the power of Jesus' death and resurrection to put all things into right relationships again" (Corbett & Fikkert, page. 77). In everything we've done this year, Developing Our world has been committed to these principles.

The following articles show how Developing Our World is implementing Holistic Community Development and achieving Global Goals.
End Poverty
Developing Our World is committed to join efforts with United Nations and others organizations around the world to solve Sustainable Development Goal 1 by ending global poverty by 2030. Even today, a huge population lives in the vicious circle of extreme poverty and struggles to survive. Our mission is to promote community development from a biblical standpoint according to the teachings of Jesus. 

Zero Hunger
Developing Our World works day and night to help communities beat the hunger problem around the world. Our focus on Sustainable Development Goal 2 is to eliminate hunger from this world, making it a good place to live for everyone. Around 800 million people go to bed hungry each day, and our community development solutions strive to help these communities improve their conditions. 

Sustainable Development Goal 3
Health Lifestyle and Well-Being
The global situation with respect to health and well-being issues is improving, but the problems connected with these issues still occupy a priority place for large numbers of people. At Developing our world, we’re contributing towards SDG 3 to ensure health and wellbeing for underserved communities.