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Foreign Language
Did you know? Most selective colleges have an admissions requirement of at least two years of the same foreign language at the high school level.

At some public high schools, if students can speak a language, they aren't allowed to take it as a course. And, many vocational high schools do not offer foreign language classes at all. So how can these students meet the requirement for foreign language? There are a couple of options.

Students may consider taking another language that is offered (which they do not already speak) at their public high school or they can look for an outside language program. For example, vocational students may have the option of enrolling online or in person for a dual enrollment class to fulfill that requirement. For students who are heritage language speakers, but cannot take that language in high school, they can take that language someplace else. 

See what communities around you have to offer. In Massachusetts for example, students as young as grade school who want to become proficient in Portuguese, whether heritage speakers or not, can enroll at the Escola Oficial Portuguesa de Taunton Sports Club. For those who become proficient (read/write/speak), they can then take the National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL) exam to earn the necessary college credit, just like an AP exam.

According to American Councils for International Education (which administers NEWL),
secondary school students who are proficient in Portuguese, Korean, Arabic or Russian language may be able to take the NEWL exam. Students who take the exam receive an AP-style score report which may be used to apply for college placement or credit.

We are dedicated to helping students select the classes and activities that place them on the right trajectory for college, as early as freshman year of high school, so that they are well-positioned to apply to the right colleges for them in the Early Action pool of candidates as Seniors. The goal of PCCI is to be with the student every step of the way.

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Student Tips
This month, seniors should focus on sending out the rest of your applications for regular decision. Beyond that, in January, look to apply to schools with rolling deadlines.

Be sure to check your potential school's deadline for scholarship applications. It's not listed on the Common App and it is not necessarily related to Early Action.
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