December Next Wave Newsletter
"Skip a Week"
As temperatures begin to go down, the amount of irrigation your lawn needs will go down too. 

By gradually reducing your lawn’s irrigation you can help train your grass to need less water during the cooler season. Deep, less frequent watering will encourage deep rooting, making your grass stronger and able to withstand more periods with no irrigation, particularly when the day length is shortened, and the soil temperatures are cooler.
Worried that your lawn will not make it? Here are some signs that your grass may need some water:
• Grass blades are blue gray
• Grass blades are folded in half
• A footprint remains on the lawn and your grass does not spring back 

Remember, never let your grass and soil fully dry out. Give it a try! Slowly reduce your lawn’s water consumption during cooler months until you can “SKIP A WEEK”. 
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