PAWgress Newsletter December 2017
December 2017 PAWgress

Seasons Greetings from the Humane Society of Charles County!  As the end of another year slowly descends upon us, we take this time to reflect back on 2017.  


Thank you to everyone involved in bringing together the 2017 Holiday Craft Fair and making it a spectacular fundraising event for the animals!  We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers, Thomas Stone High School Jr. ROTC students, 4-H club members, crafters and guests for making the day special and exciting!  

We are ever so humbled as well with the crafters who generously donated items for the raffle table (because it's always wonderful to win a gift!!!), to the guests who selflessly donated money or a pet food item!  We wanted every one to know how much we appreciate you!  We look forward to our 2018 Holiday Craft Fair!  In the meantime, Seasons Greetings to you and your families and a very Happy New Year!

CRAFTERS -- If you'd like to get your application in now for the 2018 Holiday Craft Fair, CLICK HERE

November 2017 Adoptions

102 pets were adopted during the month of November 2017.  We would love to see that number double for December!  Can we do it? 

If you have friends & family that are looking into adding a furry family member, we hope you will spread the word about adopting from a local area rescue or shelter!   

SEE the pets we currently have available for adoption:

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to help the homeless pets still waiting for homes!


FEBRUARY 23, 2018
"Top Dog Dinner & Dance"

The 2018 "Top Dog Dinner & Dance" will be held February 23!  Tickets are ON SALE NOW and can be purchased in person at the shelter, or online.  

Join us for this fabulous fundraiser featuring the Fabulous Hubcaps to benefit the homeless pets.  Enjoy dinner, dancing, silent auction, 50/50 raffles, a photo booth to capture the memory from Hold that Pose photo booth and much more! 

Events December & January

December 9th  -- Pet & Family Photos with Santa
December 13th -- Home School "Polar Pals"
We're always adding more events, so click the calendar to keep up to date or follow our Facebook event page  CLICK HERE


Did you know that if you live in the State of Maryland, the Humane Society of Charles County can spay and/or neuter your personal bully breed for FREE!  Due to a generous grant from the Snyder Foundation for Animals, we can take care of spaying and neutering your personally owned bully breed dog!  

Fill out the online form -- 


As pet owners, we understand what it is like to lose a pet. Our pets are members of our family and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  The Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC) does not euthanize animals for the public; however, if your pet has died (or was euthanized at another facility), you may bring your pet to the HSCC and we will arrange for cremation. Our caring and compassionate staff will handle calling the crematorium for you and your family.  
Cremation Services -- Read More
The Story of "Hope"
Hope was brought into our shelter as a stray and it was immediately clear that she had a very serious rear leg injury.  The injury was so severe that the vet would need to amputate as there was no saving the leg.  The injury was completely decayed with bone exposed, which is upsetting just to say.  There looked to be evidence that it could have been trapped and/or bound which caused loss of circulation, we are just not sure, but needed to act quickly.  The unimaginable pain Hope must have been in is too much to even think about.  Our veterinarian realized that Hopes leg would need to be amputated in order to save her life.    

We do not know how Hope received this injury, but our goal was to alleviate her pain, and get her on the road to recovery.  Hope is a female German Shepherd, and she is estimated to be just under one year old.   Even during all of the medical exams, looking at and attending to her severely wounded leg, she remained calm and sweet.   

Our vet performed the leg amputation, and the very next day, Hope was up and around learning to walk on three legs.  

We share this story not to upset you, but to promote Honey's Fund for surgery such as Hopes.  Honey's Fund is a fund specifically earmarked for pets such as Hope who need extensive vet care.  At any moment, one pet can come into the shelter needing surgery, and Honey's Fund is in need once again.  Your donation will go directly to pets needing medical care above and beyond the normal vaccinations and physicals.  

We'd like you to know that Hope was lucky enough to be adopted quickly and is currently in her forever home recovering. 

If you would like to make a donation to ensure that the next animal needing extensive veterinarian care is covered, we would be forever grateful to you.  

Click on any of Hope's pictures below to make a donation to "Honey's Fund".  

Hope day of surrender

Hope 1 day after surgery

Hope enjoying fresh air 1 day after surgery

Hope looking extremely proud of her accomplishments

You can help the shelter by donated, providing goods needed every day, donating to a specific fund such as Honey's Fund, or volunteering your time.
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Honey's Fund is a Medical Fund that will provide vet care above and beyond the normal vaccinations and physicals.  Please consider donating to Honey's Fund.

We have a "wish list" -- and first on the list is that every homeless pet is adopted, in the meantime, browse our list to donate much needed items.

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