Parent Contact Update
-December 2018-
Each month Parent Contacts receive these updates. 
Please feel free to share this information with your service coordinator and other families you may know in EI.  
Did you know...

the Department of Public Health is working on a document to walk families though the IFSP? This will replace the current IFSP Guidance that is in your Parent Contact Resource Guide. We are looking for families to take a look at the new document and give us their thoughts! This can be done at home, and we will send you a paper or electronic copy of the new document. Email  Liz or call 413-586-3116 x 3116 for more information!
Did you know...

there are lots of organizations that support families of children and with youth with special needs? Family TIES of Massachusetts  can offer information, referral services, emotional support, and trainings designed for parents! You can connect with a Family TIES Parent Coordinator at 1-800-905-8437 and see what they can do to support your journey!
Did you know...

there are lots of conferences and workshops about EI and early childhood that happen throughout the year? As the parent or guardian of a child in EI, you may find them interesting! We will do our best to let you know about them, and you can always check out the "What's New" section at for upcoming events. 

Did you know...?

Procedural Safeguards and Family Rights are the policies and procedures in place to protect the interests of a child and his/her family who may be, or are eligible for EI.
We love that you are here!

Parent Contacts are an important part of the Massachusetts Early Intervention System. Parent Contacts are parents and guardians of children currently receiving EI services who volunteer to receive information from the EIPLP and share it with other families. If your child is no longer receiving services, or you no longer wish to be the Parent Contact for your EI program, please let us know by calling 
1-877-353-4757 or emailing so that we can identify another family from your program.