Martha and Doug Degen I/M/O Ralph and Mildred Degen, Peggy Klotz, Milton and Pearl Klotz, Joe Bruin, Frances and Jim Bruin

Steve and Elaine Goldfarb I/M/O Leo Goldfarb, Celia Goldfarb, Sarah Jill Goldfarb

Art Goldsmith and Jan Kaufman I/M/O Ada Kaufman, Arthur Kaufman, Gloria Goldsmith, Bernard Goldsmith

Erich Kosowitz I/M/O Eva and Samuel Kosowitz, Anna and Saul Persily, William and Irene Kosowitz, Ray and Samuel Albrecht

Ellen Werther I/M/O Elain Werther, Robert Werther, Sadie Werther, Edward Werther, Ida Klein

Beth and Rich Young I/M/O Manny Gutnick, Beryl Gutnick, David Gutnick, Betty Young

Benn Legum and Penelope Ferguson I/M/O Beatrice Legum, Leonard Legum, Robert and Betty Steinhouser, Ben and Lena Legum, Mini and Henry Steinhouse, Joe Miller, Robert Ferguson III, Anna and Angus Hopkins

For the Food Bank: 
Rabbi Nagel

For the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:
Sherry Lowe
Bonny Strassler
Kyle Forren 
Brian and Pam Dettelbach: For Rabbi Nagel's excellent High Holy Days services and inspirational sermons.

For the Building Fund:
Sam Witt
Alan Cohen
Bonny Strassler
Kyle Forren

For the Torah Fund:
Judy and Rena Schwarz for the Torah Fund I/M/O Rafael Brand

For the Cemetery Fund:
Deborah Bishop

For the General Fund:
Michelle and Jim Clark I/M/O Adam Michael Clark

Entrance Fund donation to honor and recognize:
Brian and Pam Dettelbach:
Chazzan Turk, the Nagel family, THOI President Larry Sutker, and Ritual Committee Chair Ruth Chodrow for everything they did to make our virtual High Holy Day services a success - theologically and technologically!

Heidi Lasser's service to the THOI community on the Ritual Committee and High Holy Days Honors Chair.

Ellen Werther's service to the THOI community in editing and publishing the monthly Bulletin.