December 2018
AER: Changes to Document Availability Through the Integrated Application Registry
Effective December 12, 2018 all applications and their supporting documents submitted through EAS will be available through the Integrated Application Registry (IAR) Query indefinitely. The 30 day restriction has been removed. 

Applications and documents submitted after 2004 can be retrieved from the IAR website
AER Bulletin 2018-33: Reporting Related to Closure Activities and Directive 039 Moving to OneStop
As of November 29, 2018, the following reports must be submitted through OneStop:

  • reports related to well suspensions (initial suspension, industry inspections, and reactivation); previously submitted through the Digital Data Submission (DDS) system

  • reports related to facility and well surface abandonment; previously submitted through the DDS system

  • updates to working interest participant information

  • the annual dehydrator benzene inventory form (inventory) for actual past calendar year performance as per the current Directive 039: Revised Program to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators

A copy of Bulletin 2018-33 can be found here.
AER Bulletin 2018-37: Reducing Methane Emissions. New additions to Directive 060 and Directive 017 

On December 13, 2018, the AER released Bulletin 2018-37, which outlines changes in Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting , and   Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operation related to the methane reduction requirements.

The new edition of Directive 060 comes into effect on January 1, 2020. The new edition of Directive 017comes into effect immediately.

Manual 015: Estimating Methane Emissions  and  Manual 016:How to Develop a Fugitive Emissions Management Program  were released as guides for industry in quantifying and reporting methane emissions and developing fugitive emissions management programs.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-37 can be found here.
AER Bulletin 2018-34: Updated Alberta Environment and Parks Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions
On November 22, 2018, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) updated the  Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions (MSSC) . This affects all AER applications under the  Public Lands Act. This update includes three new sections covering the themes, in situ, reservoir, and geophysical.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-34 can be found here.
AER Bulletin 2018-35 and 2018-40: Government of Alberta Curtails Production
On December 2, 2018, the Government of Alberta announced short-term reductions in crude oil and crude bitumen production that will take effect on January 1, 2019.

The  Curtailment Rules  enable the limiting of crude oil and crude bitumen production in Alberta according to the prescribed formula. On December 6, 2018, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) contacted the operators that are subject to ministerial orders outlining curtailment requirements.
Only the companies that received a ministerial order, are required to limit production at this time. A copy of Bulletin 2018-35 can be found here.

The AER established a panel that will hear concerns and feedback related to the curtailment. Written submissions will be reviewed and considered and advice provided to the president and chief executive officer of the AER and to the minister of energy.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-40 can be found here.
AER Bulletin 2018-36: New Well Submissions Forms
On December 10, 2018, the AER released forms for variance requests pertaining to the following:

  • Abandonment Request
  • Request to Re-Enter for Abandonment Purposes
  • Request to Vary Requirements Related to Casing Failure
  • Request to Vary Requirements Related to SCVF/GM
  • Variance for Nonthermal Well Abandonment Within Oil Sands Areas
The forms capture all requests under  Directive 020 Directive 079 , and   Interim Directive 2003-01 . No requirements have changed.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-36 can be found here.
BCOGC released updates to the Application Management System (AMS). Changes for this release are effective as of Dec. 17, 2018 and affect: New Historical Submission Type, Road Applications, NEB technical Amendments, Description Text Boxes, and Facility Overview Tab Wording.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-28 can be found here.
BCOGC Bulletin 2018-29: Commission Investigating Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in Specified Area
On December 7, 2018 the BCOGC released Bulletin 2018-29 with information about a technical review performed on Dec. 4, 2018 with all companies operating in proximity to the seismic events recorded on Nov. 29, 2018.

Companies operating within the area of the Montney approximately 20 km south of Fort St. John have confirmed that there will be no hydraulic fracturing activities for the next 30 days within the specified area.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-29 and further information can be found here.
The December 17, 2018 Bulletin 2018-30 clarifies fencing requirements around drilling sumps.

A copy of Bulletin 2018-30 can be found here.
On May 18, 2018, Benoit Regulatory Compliance moved from 1220, 633-6th Ave. SW to the following location:

1600, 736-6th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 3T7

It would be much appreciated if you could have your records updated accordingly. 
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