South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - December  2018
SEEC heads out on the road to listen in...

On Nov. 14, SEEC staff met with groups of administrators in Jamestown and Kindred to listen, encourage discussion and identify areas of opportunity for collaboration and brainstorm potential solutions to some of the needs and challenges of its member schools.

Superintendents, principals and special education unit directors shared highlights in the areas their district, school or unit are excelling - allowing for great discussion on what others can do to improve in those areas. Programs highlighted includes ND Multi-Tier System of Supports, Improving Academic Literacy, mental health supports/in-house clinicians, and relationship building.

Other discussion topics that the SEEC will continue to stay involved with and informed on included workforce needs, early childhood education, ESSA accountability, PowerSchool assistance, innovation, and personalized/customized learning.
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Student Engagement Series

- ND Afterschool Day on the Hill

- Formative Instructional Practices

Central Cass Public Schools 
Focusing on Long Term Vision for Change 

For some, a passion in education develops later in life. It may be found after a connection is built with another inspiring educator or sparked by the care of a great teacher. For others like Nikki Wixo, the Academic Dean and High School Principal with Central Cass School District, that passion can be recognized early on. 

"I wouldn't say that it was someone or something that inspired me to pursue education as much as the experiences in my youth that led me there. I babysat, taught swimming lessons, and worked at daycare's. It was always apparent that working with kids was my passion," Wixo said. 

Now, with 18 years' experience in the field, three of which she's been in her current position, Wixo speaks toward the pride she feels to be a part of Central Cass because of their passion to serve students to the best of their abilities. 

English Learner Supports 
Using EL Student Data in an MTSS System

As the number of linguistically diverse students in N.D. school districts rise, so too does the need for additional English Language (EL) supports. Consequently, the South East Education Cooperative, along with facilitator Kerri Whipple, is excited to offer the professional learning opportunity EL Norms - Using EL Student Data in an MTSS System. 

This 4-hour workshop assists Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) and leadership teams to make more equitable decisions for EL students through a recently developed EL Access Norms Application. The application contains information that schools can use to determine reasonable expectations for EL student academic achievement performance when comparing ELs to other ELs. 

Typically, MTSS teams use national norms to view EL student performance. The EL norms training allows users to view EL students with a new, more equitable lens. This application allows for the comparison of "how does my EL student academic achievement compare to other EL students in ND who are at the same level of English language proficiency?" 

English Learner Bootcamp: January 3-4
Register today!
N.D. teachers are frequently responsible for developing the English Learner (EL) 
program in their schools, often with very little training. There is also a need for mainstream teachers and  administrators to increase their expertise in developing instruction and programming for ELS. ND EL Boot Camp addresses  multiple topics that are relevant to the outside-of-the-classroom duties for which schools are responsible.
Principal Teacher Evaluation System Support Engagement Series 
Professional Learning to Enhance Tier I Instruction 

Are you looking for professional learning to enhance your Tier I instruction? The Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning series is just what you are looking for! 

The engagement strategies that are taught, modeled and practiced in this Engagement series are classroom-transforming in practice - even from veteran teachers. I have had two very veteran teachers (20+ years in the classroom) who have both shared that this workshop was the single-most impactful professional learning they have ever experienced, and it has had the most influence on their daily classroom practices. 

As we work on our Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) for Academics in our schools, we spend time shoring up Tiers 2 and 3.   This engagement series is a way to enhance your tier I instruction. 
ND Afterschool Day on the Hill 
April 3, 2019 | Bismarck State Capitol  |  10am-2pm 

Join the ND Afterschool Network for Afterschool Day on the Hill on April 3, 2019! We'll gather in Bismarck at the State Capitol Building to showcase the amazing afterschool programs throughout ND from 10am-2pm.

Students, programs, and afterschool professionals from across the state are welcome to join us! A limited number of booth space is available, please register ASAP if you'd like to display or feature your program.

Anyone can advocate for afterschool. It is important to note that, if your program is funded by federal grants, you may not use your federal dollars to lobby elected officials. You can, however, communicate the successes of your programs and hopes for continued support. In order for our field to grow so we can reach all North Dakota students, it is important that we promote and educate the value of afterschool programs not just when we need to, but all of the time! This extends to policymakers, potential funders and partners, youth, parents, businesses & more.

Afterschool Day on the Hill is a great way to give students in your program a look at the legislative process, get to know your legislators, and connect with afterschool champions

Formative Instructional Practices  
Reaching across the South East Education Cooperative

November brought the launching of two additional pilot schools to our Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) modules. A team of Jamestown High School teachers and administrators along with K-12 staff from Pingree-Buchanan began their FIP journey. As the year continues, educators will engage in independent work via online courses while practicing the strategies in their classrooms. Collaborative PLC work as well as virtual check-ins will occur over the course of the school year as participants complete the requirements for graduate credit. 

Grounded in the research of Jan Chappius, Rick Stiggins, Paul William, and Dylan Black the FIP core components: 
  1. Creating and Using Clear Learning Targets; 
  2. Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Student Learning; 
  3. Using Evidence of Feedback to Increase Learning; and
  4. Fostering Student Ownership of Learning 
provide the basis for understandable and accurate feedback about the learning that needs to occur. 

If you're interested in this work for your school/district, please reach out to LaCosta Potter at
Tough Kids
Responding to Challenging Behaviors training sees great impact

In early November, Tough Kids was held in Minot, Bismarck, and Fargo with over 200 educators engaged across all three sites! Tough Kids focuses on positive reinforcement delivery systems; behavior influence principles; and strategies (behavior momentum, etc.). Participants were provided the basic principles of behavior modification, analyzed strategies AND created/implemented strategies to mitigate challenging behaviors.

155 out of 211 (73.5%) attendees completed the post-event feedback survey and overall: 
  • 98.1% of participants felt that the content provided was either "very valuable" (78.7%) or "valuable" (19.4%) to their position or role. 
  • 100% reported at least a "slight" increase in their knowledge and 99.4% for their skills 
  • 100% of respondents indicated that they would be able to apply what they learned to at least a "small extent," with 58.1% indicating that they would be able to apply it "to a great extent." 

Just Announced: Tough Kids will be coming back - Mark your calendar for June 4 in Fargo! Keep reading the newsletter and/or watching our website for registration information when it becomes available.!
English Learner Educators Come Together for Two Days of Professional Learning   
Dakota TESOL Conference wraps up with positive response 

On Nov. 15-16, educators from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota gathered to participate in continuing education sessions highlighting the latest researched-based best practices in the field of English Learners. At this year's conference, participants looked at "The 6 Principles," a core set of principles for exemplary teaching and learning of English as a new language. 

59 out of 113 (52%) participants completed the conference evaluation and overall, response was largely positive. 
  • Over  92% of respondents indicated that they would recommend this conference to others. 
  • 100% of participants indicated at least a "slight" increase in their knowledge and skills, with 89.1% and 87% reporting at least a "moderate" increase in each, respectively.
  • 100% responded that what they learned would have at least a "slight" impact on those they serve, with 60% indicating it would have a "substantial" impact. 
"I really enjoyed the conference. The breakout sessions and speed dating topics I attended had some great information that I'll be able to share with EL and content teacher colleagues." 
-- EL Teacher, Mandan
SEEC Sponsors Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo
3,100 9th grade students from 40 districts experience careers 

The SEEC has sponsored the annual Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo for many years as it is a great experience for regional 9th grade students to be exposed to approximately 100 different career interest areas.

The past three years have also provided educational STEM sessions for smaller, outlying districts to attend and gain another level of experience while making the trip to Fargo. This year's sessions included:
  • What is 6 feet long yet still microscopic? (DNA!)  - Carrie Leopold, Inspire Innovation Lab
  • Scratch Programming - Software Engineering Program, Valley City State University
  • Engineering Challenge - Trusses - NDSU Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Coding - EduTech
  • Engineering Challenge - Captivating Catapult, SEEC's LaCosta Potter & NDSCS's Cheryl Brown

Health Tech & Trades Career Expo Video
Health Tech & Trades Career Expo Video
Educators in Industry
K-12 Externship Program

The Educators in Industry: K-12 Externship Program provides four-week summer externships for K-12 teachers, administrators, career advisors, and other educators to provide a firsthand look at how the engineering design process and 21st century skills are currently being used in an industry environment.  Participants will earn 3 continuing education credits at no cost, and will receive a $2000 stipend for completing both the summer experience and associated coursework. The 2019 program dates are June 3-28 with applications due Feb. 1, 2019. 

For more information, visit or contact Teresa Shume, NDSU School of Education at or (701) 231-8748.
NDMTSS Conference: June 10-12, 2019

SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Jan. 3-4 ND EL Boot Camp 
Jan. 8
NDMTSS PBIS Tier 2 Booster Sessions (Fargo)
Jan. 15 SEEC Principals Meeting (Valley City)
Jan. 16 Afterschool Quality Coaching Program (Session 1 of 5) - Online
Jan. 17 SEEC Administrators Meeting (Valley City)
Jan. 18
Feb. 1
Dec. 7
Feb. 5
Feb. 13
PTESS: Building Better Behaviors Part 3 - Data Review & Problem Solving ONLINE (must attend one 2-hr session on a date listed)

Jan. 22  - Jamestown
Jan. 23 - Minot
Jan. 25  - Bismarck

Feb. 21  - Minot (Secondary)
March 4  - Richland (Eklementary/Secondary)

March 28 or April 2
8-10am or 2-4pm online

Part 1: Intro to Learning Walks & Making Learning Visible with Kevin Feldman

Part 2: Strategies for Making Learning Visible

Part 3: Online eWalks (Microteach & Feedback)
Jan. 28-29 NDMTSS PBIS Year 1: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations (Bismarck)
Feb. 5 - Devils Lake 
Feb. 6 - Valley City 
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System (Year 2) 

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more

Middle School CyberTeacher Training (NICERC)  - (4-days: Jan., Feb., March, April)

Choice Ready Workshop  - Jan. 16 (Mandan)

  • Jan. 30: Introduction to the SLDS (Casselton) 
  • Feb. 6: Putting Action into Practice (West Fargo) 
  • Mar. 20: Deeper Dive into Reports (West Fargo) 
Cutting Ed Podcasts Season 2 episodes have launched and  focus on teachers & students! Follow them on Twitter for updates: @TheCuttingEd

North Dakota State Assessment (NDSA) Preparedness Training 

Feb. 13 - ND K12 Technology Showcase, Bismarck
March 14 - ND Cyber Security Conference, Fargo
April 6 - Edcamp North Dakota , Mayville, Jamestown, & Dickinson

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