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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Felize Navidad!
Santa Visits Alison Underwater in Cozumel, Palancar Reef, Paul Mila photo.
Welcome to the December edition of Sea-gram,  from  
We wish all our Sea-gram fans a  Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season, and a healthy & prosperous New Year.

This month we stopped in Cozumel, and, as you can see in our headline photo, even Santa paid Alison and our dive group a short visit on Palancar Reef.

For our year-end issue we're just having fun, sharing some hi-octane photos from contributing divers, and other goodies. 

This month's Featured Creature is the 
Green Moray Eel, which divers often see in throughout the Caribbean.  Most of the time we find morays tucked away in small caves & beneath coral outcroppings. 
But we came across this one out in full view. 

                                                        Paul Mila Photos, Cozumel

Our moray posed for a shot with diver Paul Kern . . .

And then headed away to find a new lair.
Enjoy Thirty Seconds With a Moray:
Thirty Seconds With a Green Moray
Thirty Seconds With a Green Moray
This month's  Story Behind the Photo  article features one of the most exciting shark encounter photos I've ever seen. 
Check it out and see if you agree.

If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.
I hope you enjoy this issue of Sea-gram !
  Paul J. Mila
  Featured Creature . . .
            . . .  The Green Moray Eel
The green moray eel is one of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures that we scuba divers are privileged to encounter.

Frequently we find them hiding inside caves or beneath coral outcroppings, waiting for an easy meal to pass by, or waiting until nightfall to hunt. 
Some have mild personalities, such as this one, which enjoys a stoking from a familiar diver. This comes under the heading, "Don't try this at home" . . .

 Paul Mila photo, Cozumel.

They also exhibit a measure of patience, as these two did, while a cleaner shrimp picks off parasites from this moray . . .
                    Frank Kaufman photo, Grand Cayman

. . . and another cleaner shrimp gives a dental cleaning to this moray. "Say Ahhh."

David  Robertson photo, Cozumel
    But the most fun is seeing them in the open:
Moray Eel in Cozumel Checks Out Divers
Moray Eel in Cozumel Checks Out Divers
Paul Mila Video

* * * * * * *
 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                        . . . Nose To Nose . . .
By Todd Winn
This is one of the most heart-stopping shark photos I've ever seen. How about you?

Diver Todd Winn was diving off North Carolina. Here is Todd's Story Behind the Photo:

"... thank-you Olympus for the incredible dive. 
About this shot: 20-30 foot vis on the Aeolus (known for it's large concentration of sand tiger sharks), when this 6-8 ft beauty decided to give me a nose kiss. 
Location: Aeolus shipwreck, Moorehead City, North Carolina."

Photo Equipment:
 Sea Life DC2000, dual strobes and spot light.

Thanks for sharing, Todd.
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  Paul in Cozumel
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Featured Creature: 

        The Green Moray Eel!

Story Behind the Photo:
           Nose To Nose

                      Stories lower left column.

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