Southwest Regional Report
 Due process and transparency are fundamental tenets in the code development process...
5 Dead in Minneapolis High Rise Fire, NFSA Responds
On November 27th, an early morning fire in a Minneapolis High-Rise Residential building claimed the lives of five people...
Southwest Area Chapter Updates
The Los Angeles Chapter met for a special Chapter meeting on October 10th to count the ballots for the next Chapter Chairperson. Randy Howell, President of Kimble and Company was elected as the next Chapter Chair after ballots were sent and received by Chapter members throughout the Los Angeles Area region. Also appointed by the Chapter for Chapter Treasurer was Jeff Landon, Regional Sales Manager for Lubrizol and Bruce Lecair, Regional Manager, NFSA, for Chapter Secretary. The next meeting will be on February 20th at the Rio Hondo Golf and Event Center in Downey, CA. Randy Howell will succeed Don Becka, President, Qualco Fire Protection and Jeff Landon will succeed Stuart Cook of Potter-Roemer served as President and Treasurer. Both Don and Stuart served from 1999 through 2019 and have stepped down after a long and successful service to our members.  

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter met on November 13th with Vice of Engineering Mark Hopkins in attendance to discuss changes in fire sprinkler protection of storage occupancies including cardboard storage and ESFR sprinklers. The next meeting will be held in January on the fourth Thursday a Saki’s Spin a Yarn in Fremont, CA.

The Arizona State Chapter met on November 12th with Vice of Engineering Mark Hopkins will be in attendance to discuss changes in fire sprinkler protection of storage occupancies including cardboard storage and ESFR sprinklers.  

The 2020 Arizona NFSA Chapter has set the calendar for meetings on: January 14th, March 17th, May 12th, July 14th, September 8th, November 9th

California FPO Training Opportunity
The California Fire Prevention Officers CFPI planning Committee is now accepting registration for the upcoming Conference form March 9-13 in Buellton, CA . The conference is the week long training event with classes and meetings ranging from the California Fire Sprinkler Coalition Face to Face meeting, fire sprinkler classes, management of fire prevention bureaus, hazardous materials, plan review, and a wide selection of other classes instructed by industry, government representatives of the building official and fire service, and the National Fire Academy and the National Fire Prevention Association as well as the NFSA.
Sprinkler Saves
Riverside, CA . – On November 17th, a fire at Target contained by fire sprinklers; No injuries were reported. The Target store on Arlington Avenue in Riverside, CA. was evacuated Sunday afternoon after a small fire broke out and set off sprinklers inside the outlet, firefighters said. There were no injuries from the incident, reported just before 4 p.m.
Las Vegas, NV. – On November 30th, a fryer fire at McDonald's extinguished by fire sprinklers. No injuries were reported. Authorities say a Walmart store in Las Vegas was evacuated because of a fire Friday but that there were no injuries. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says a fire sprinkler system in the store extinguished the fire in a fryer at a McDonald’s restaurant inside the store.
Please use the new national SPRINKLER SAVER REPORTING FORM for reporting sprinkler saves!
Training Opportunities
The free 2-days of training in Brea, CA. sponsored by the Southern California Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board we very successful and Chase Browning taught the Pumps for Fire Protection and Fire Sprinkler Requirements class. Director of the Advisory Board Robert Rowe was a great co-host along with the staff from the City of Brea. 

We are still working on dates and the classes for the Visalia, CA. after the first of the year. Registration is open for the first 2020 seminar in Tucson, AZ. at the Northwest Fire District Training Center. The dates are February 25-27. The classes are going to be the 2-day Fire Sprinkler Plan Review and the one day Rough-in and Final of Fire Sprinkler Systems.  

For more information on NFSA classes and seminars contact Regional Manager Bruce Lecair at: or (951) 805-8992.                                    

Meetings, Events, & Important Dates
December 26 : Deadline for submitting articles for the March/April 2020 edition of the National Fire Sprinkler Magazine. The theme for that edition is: Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Reporting – Annual Seminar Preview.

Arizona State NFSA Chapter Meeting , Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at the Phoenix Fire Department Headquarters at 150 S. 12th Street in Phoenix, AZ. From 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. 

NorCal Fire Prevention Officers Association , Friday, January 24, 2020 9:30 am to 2:30. Location to be announced.

NFSA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Meeting , Thursday, January 23, 2020 at Saki’s Spin A Yarn Restaurant in Fremont, CA. from 5-8 p.m. 

NFSA Los Angeles Area Chapter Meeting , February 20th at the Rio Hondo Golf and Event Center in Downey, CA. from 5-8 p.m. Come and welcome our new Chapter President Randy Howell. 
National News
“What Used to Be” National Media Campaign:

NFSA has launched a national media campaign with a TV commercial being released in a number of large population centers, and a website designed specifically to assist homeowners in understanding and choosing fire sprinklers. The “What Used to Be” campaign provides a graphic look at “what used to be” in a home before a devasting fire: memories, mementos, and the sense of safety and wellbeing.
NFSA Media Kit for 2020 Available!
The NFSA 2020 Media Kit is now available online. Please take a few moments to see all we have to offer in the coming year. Both print and digital opportunities are explained, as well as sponsorships for the NFSA Annual Seminar and Business & Leadership Conference.
Tracking Codes
Has the code changed in the areas you work, design, or inspect in? The NFSA tracks when codes are updated, as well as when several refenced standards, like NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 are updated. Please help us update our records when codes and standards change in your area by filling out this one-minute form:
ITM Reporting Services Data Collection
Do you submit your ITM inspection reports online? If so, chances are it is going through an ITM reporting service employed through a jurisdiction. The NFSA is establishing a map of ITM-reporting services across the US and we are in the process of identifying where these services are in use. Please help us gather and assemble this information by filling out this form if you use an ITM inspection service.
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