Volume 5 | December 28, 2018
In this issue, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer shares his December talks with marketing analysts, and educators and practitioners:

  1. Carolyn Ringer Lepre of Marist College discusses Key Business Analytics.
  2. Trade Writer, Jason Steele, highlights results from The Points Guy Awards
  3. Ryan Craver analyzes Thanksgiving Week Sales Trends and Results
  4. Eric Engquist of USAA details Serving Military Families
  5. B-T-B Marketing Expert, Ruth Stevens, describes Teaching in India
  6. Publisher, Ramon Ray, provides advice for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

We appreciate all of our guests sharing their experiences and expertise in our " cbsi Talking Business " interview series. If you have a project or career story you would like to share, please let us know.

Happy Holidays!

Carolyn Ringer Lepre of Marist College at DMA &Then18
Carolyn Ringer Lepre is Dean and Associate Professor of Communications at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dean Lepre describes the partnership of Marist College with the DMA.
Payments Trade Writer Jason Steele at The Points Guy Awards
Jason Steele provides perspectives on major awards presented at the Points Guy Awards held in NYC on Dec. 4th, key topics of 2018 and a look at 2019.
Ryan Craver On 2018 E-Commerce, Retail, Thanksgiving, Holiday Sales
Ryan M. Craver, CEO of New York City based CommerceCanal.com, details the strong but changing consumer shopping patterns during Thanksgiving Week.
Army Veteran Eric Engquist, VP at USAA, Sponsor Army-Navy Game
West Point graduate and Iraq veteran, Eric Engquist, describes his transition from the military into financial services serving as ESM Brand Manager at USAA.
BTB Expert Ruth Stevens, What She Learned Teaching a Business Course in India this fall.
New York based marketing consultant and educator Ruth P. Stevens describes teaching this fall at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore.

Ruth is President of eMarketing Strategy and author of recent book "Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers" available from Amazon. Reach her at RuthStevens.com
Small Business Growth Expert, Ramon Ray, "Smart Hustle" Publications
Ramon Ray, editor of Smart Hustle publications and SmallBizTechnology.com, talked about his November conference featuring Seth Godin, his speaking to Small Business groups around the country this year and his outlook for 2019.