December 2023
It’s Snow Joke: Snow and Ice Season is Here 
The air is turning cold, the holidays are almost here, and you know what that means: snow and ice season is just around the corner. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has been working hard to prepare crews so they can respond quickly in the event of a snow or ice event.

When a snow or ice storm arrives, crews will be ready to clear roads and work throughout the storm to keep drivers safe and get the roads back to capacity as soon as possible. KYTC uses a few different salt compounds to treat roads when needed during the winter.

  • Road salt reacts with water and wet snow to lower the freezing point of the liquid, helping to melt snow and keep it from sticking to roadways when temperatures are moderately cold.
  • Calcium chloride is a solution that’s added to salt below 20°F to create the same melting effects and to keep snow from sticking at colder temperatures.
  • Brine is saltwater that is applied to roads before the storm starts to pre-treat the roads so the ice and snow can’t bond or stick to the pavement.
Safety Tips

While KYTC is working hard to clear the roads and make them safe for your use, there are some things you can do to stay safe during a snow and ice event.

  • Stay Home. If at all possible, please stay home and off the roads during a snow or ice event.
  • Share the Road. If you must be on the road, be aware of snowplows also on the roads. Be patient and don’t pass the plows. Give them room to work and be aware as they might cause snow clouds that impair visibility.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle. In the winter, please keep a winter kit in your vehicle with blankets, snacks, water, shovels, and more. Keep your fluid levels and gas tank full, and clear the ice from your windshield. Monitor your tire pressure and tread regularly, and make sure to get them fixed or replaced if necessary.
  • Be Aware. Stay alert and watch for changes in weather, as well as for disabled vehicles. If your vehicle becomes disabled, move the vehicle off the road and stay inside. Turn on your emergency flashers and run the car with the windows partially down. Keep your exhaust pipe clear of snow and only use the heater for 10 minutes per hour. Most importantly, call the police for assistance.
  • Drive Carefully. It should go without saying. If you must venture out on slick roads, stay alert, pay attention and be careful. Drive slowly, accelerate and decelerate slowly, increase your following distance, and avoid stopping. When you encounter a hill, don’t power up it and don’t stop going when you’re partially up the hill.
Ways to Get More Info

For more information on snow and ice resources, visit the KYTC website. For up-to-date details, especially in the case of a snow or ice weather event, follow KYTC District 6 on Facebook and X.
Stay connected with us: [email protected]