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December 2014

Considering LED?
Did you know that WESCO is the largest distributor of Philips lighting products in the United States? And they've created a special lighting program specifically for the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative to enable your institution to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Click here to inquire about WESCO's LED lighting program, or any other WESCO products offered through the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative.
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Highlights from GOJO's Recent Presentation on the Health Hazards of Using Bulk Soap
Study shows that hands can have 25x more germs after washing with bulk soap than before
Suzanne Andrew, your Alliance Purchasing Cooperative National Account Manager at GOJO, recently gave a fascinating (if not stomach turning) presentation at the 2014 Aquarium and Zoo Facilities Association annual conference. 

Suzanne spoke in depth about a variety of studies which now confirm that refillable bulk soap often contains harmful bacteria that can actually make you sick. Here is a short video that highlights many of the points made in her presentation.

Can Washroom Soap Make You Sick?

Museums have to run triple duty when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment - caring for visitors, employees and volunteers. Through the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative, GOJO provides a wide variety of skin health and hygiene products, including GOJO's SANITARY SEALED� refills which are designed for ease of use, recyclability, and to protect users by locking out harmful bacteria.

To see GOJO's full line of museum related products,click here to download a copy of the GOJO Product Placement Guide for Museums

Or contact Suzanne Andrew, your GOJO National Account Manager, at or 704-907-3086.
The Ferguson Hot Water Program Has You Covered - 24/7
Installation and haul away are included!

Given the importance of hot water to AAM member institutions, we're highlighting a unique program offered by Ferguson


Their Express Response Commercial Water Heater Program minimizes the problems your facility may face when the hot water goes out. Through this program, at any time day or night, Ferguson will deliver new water heaters where they are needed within two hours. The program provides:

  • 24 / 7 emergency response 
  • 2 hour delivery time (in most cities)
  • Full-time delivery crew and truck
  • Delivery to site and mechanical room
  • Haul away the old unit
  • Huge selection in stock (gas & electric)
  • Full-time electric conversion center

Click here to inquire about Ferguson's Express Response Commercial Water Heater program, or any other Ferguson products offered through the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative.

Get More From Your Cards
Is greater efficiency and savings in the "cards" for your accounts payable process?
Article by Fifth Third Bank

As an increasingly digital world engulfs everyday processes, surprisingly, paper checks remain a significant part of many business transactions. Issuing checks for payables is an Achilles heel for Treasury, creating inefficiencies, higher costs and a greater risk of fraud. Exploring solutions that mitigate these challenges is a priority in an efficiency-driven environment.

Today's commercial card solutions are highly effective tools for managing business travel and the purchase of goods and services. Cards are fast becoming a preferred means for eliminating paper, deploying more efficient, automated electronic capabilities and supporting fraud
mitigation efforts.  Click here to read full article.

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