Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
Dear Friends,

I remember watching my daughter’s doctors walking down the corridor at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Somehow, I knew that our room was their destination. The grim expressions they wore, were a reflection of the next round of bad news that we were soon to bear and I knew it. That forty second journey seemed like a lifetime.

Time can be forever or almost never. The passing of another year, however reckoned, belies the fact that over thirty million seconds had to tick upon the clock. The years meld into decades and beyond, seemingly faster than we can turn the pages of the calendar. For me, as we enter 2019, the twentieth anniversary of Kids Kicking Cancer is a reflection of a lifetime. June 1999, the first Kids Kicking Cancer class at Children’s Hospital of Michigan is so engraved into my soul, that it is hard to imagine life before. It also feels like just yesterday.

That journey could not have happened without you. So many people have opened up their hearts and souls, as well as their pocketbooks, to make Kids Kicking Cancer a reality. We have a very big dream for tomorrow. As we grow around the globe, we will reach every child in pain and teach them the lessons of our little heroes. “No matter what we face in our lives, we can breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.” Our promise to those children is that tomorrow will not seem far away.

Much love and appreciation,
In the Words of a
Heroes Circle Family

I truly want to use this opportunity to thank you and the entire KKC team for the wonderful work you do impacting the life's of these kids. They fight their lifelong health battles each day knowing fully well that you got their back. The meditations and breathing techniques are really helpful especially when Gabby is in a lot of pain. 

Gabby adds- I am so thankful for the staff that help me manage my pain by teaching me power breathing and body scans.

Her sister Abby says - thank you for helping my sister in the hospital by showing her how to power breathe.
Kids Kicking Cancer In The News
FOX 2: Mother and daughter fight, beat cancer together

One of our Heroes Circle students was recently featured on FOX 2 Detroit together with her amazing mother. Ember started in our Little Heroes program, which is specially designed for some of the youngest oncology patients: three to five-year olds.

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We beat a dragon in a South African virtual reality game ...

South African company Business Science Corporation has built a virtual reality tool for Kids Kicking Cancer, which helps children deal with the pain associated with cancer through meditation. We tried it for ourselves, and learned to breathe in...

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Kids Kicking Cancer Chicago Women's Council
Seven ladies met at the Ritz Hotel, Chicago, on November 8 to launch the Kids Kicking Cancer Chicago Women’s Council. The Council, chaired by Rosellene Bronstein and co-chaired by Lori Weiner was created to promote volunteerism and to raise funds to help lessen the pain of very sick children in Chicago--and throughout the world. A date of May 5, 2019 has been set to present the Council’s inaugural fundraising event.
Great work, Women of Chicago. . .You are “kicking” it!
Kids Kicking Cancer Holiday Party
Kids Kicking Cancer recently hosted a Holiday Party for over 300 kids and families, sponsored by the Macomb Optimists. More thanks and photos in the link below.
Breath Brake ® Seminar at EHIM
Rabbi G, Sensei Michael, and the Heroes of Kids Kicking Cancer led an inspiring Breath Brake Presentation at EHIM , teaching employees about Power Peace Purpose.
Kids Kicking Cancer Recipient of
Nike Community Impact Fund Grant

Thank you Nike for naming Kids Kicking Cancer a recipient of the 2018 Nike Community Impact Fund Grant! We are proud to be supporting young people in the local Detroit community to get active in sport and play. With this support we’ll be better equipped to reach more children dealing with illness using therapeutic martial arts.

Learn more about Nike’s #MadeToPlay commitment with support from CAF America, and the other great organizations that are being supported in the WDIV Local 4 story.
Nike Community Impact Fund provides grants to Detroit...

DETROIT, Mich - Nike announced today the latest round of grant recipients for Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF), an innovative approach to local grant-making that fuels community organizations to get kids active as part of Made to Play. NCIF...

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