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Has there ever been a better time to focus on community design and the public realm?

If the last few years have taught us nothing else, it's that the creation of vibrant, equitable, and resilient communities is essential to the health and wellbeing of everyone.

The Community Design Center of Rochester has been at the forefront of planning in our region for nearly two decades -- 2023 will mark our 20th year of giving voice to communities during Rochester's remarkable revitalization and ongoing transformation.

Our work is not done. We believe that the way we create space has a direct impact on how we build and sustain community. The Rochester region faces important and urgent work that requires collaboration to tackle the thorny, looming issues of our day.

No other organization in Rochester is better poised to leverage its legacy of collaborating with partners, taking on critical issues, and making a positive, lasting impact.

Without the support from all of you, we would not exist!

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Public Engagement Opportunities
New Survey Requests Feedback on Design Concepts

You are invited to participate in a short survey about the five design concept studies that were created for the Aqueduct Reimagined Project based on community feedback. As a reminder, this project has been heralded as the centerpiece of Rochester's ROC the Riverway initiative.

Image Credit: Montanus Photography
City of Rochester Seeking Responses to Community Health and Wellness Survey

The City of Rochester has re-launched a survey aimed at helping people living in underserved neighborhoods to improve their health. According to the City's website, they "will work with healthcare providers and non-profit community organizations to establish pop-up events at the City R-Centers to deliver health care and other human services directly to residents in neighborhoods with histories of racial segregation and structural barriers to opportunity."

Check This Out
Image Credit: Max Schulte
Neighbors Want Rochester to Take Back a Vacant Inner Loop Lot and Make it a Park

"A weed-filled lot at the edge of downtown has become a sore spot in the neighborhood growing up around it. The lot is part of the Inner Loop East redevelopment, and was one of the first parcels the city offered for sale. Nothing got built. Now the city is leaning toward taking it back."


Image Credit: Zach Mortice
In Detroit, a Home for LGBTQ Youth Balances Being Seen with Being Safe

"These are the kinds of conversations that those who design buildings rarely have. The architectural field has long focused on rich people's priorities -- museums, mansions, skyscrapers -- and developed endless formal variations to reflect those wealthy patrons' values. But asking a homeless trans woman, 'What makes you feel safe?' and building accordingly can save lives as well as demonstrate the value of design for people who need it far more than most."


Image Credit: Victor Dover
The Life-Saving Benefits of Street Trees

"The planting of street trees may be more beneficial than previously thought. Street trees have long been connected to many positive outcomes -- from reducing urban heat islands, to improving traffic safety, to cutting air pollution and raising property values -- but researchers at the Portland Forestry Science Lab of the US Forest Service have now discovered a direct, statistical connection between planting street trees and lower mortality."

See What Our Friends Are Doing
Monday, Dec. 12 | Online

Our local AIA Chapter is seeking a quality, architecturally-related graphic for next year's member directory! The theme is "Framework for Design Excellence" and should reflect sustainable, resilient, and inclusive design.

Saturday, Dec. 18 | 3:30pm-6:30pm | 228 Parsells Ave (14609)

Join City Roots for a seasonal celebration at their future home! You'll experience beautiful lights and inflatables, hot food and drinks, and activities for the whole family.

Wednesday, Dec. 21 | 7:00am-9:00am | Wild Hill Farm (14469)

Welcome winter with a peaceful walk at sunrise in the Hamlet of Ionia. Erin Bullock, a farmer at Wild Hill, will join the event and share stories of the land on the walk. Dress warmly!

Saturday, Dec. 10 |11:00am-12:00pm| Hungerford Building, Door 3B (14609)

Is cycling really a viable transportation option year-round in one of the world's snowiest cites? Find out when you join Reconnect Rochester's Jesse Peers for at a workshop on winter cycling (spoiler alert: the answer is ABOSULTELY). You'll learn how to extend your riding season, about the best bike for the job, and more! Already well-versed in winter cycling? Come share your experience! This event takes place right here in the CDCR Gallery.