Get Ready for an Even Better 2021
2020 brought us a big windfall from the residential “forced staycation”. 

It also brought a lot of pain in impatient consumers, product shortages, awkward meetings and ongoing labor challenges. Planning got thrown out the window as everyone struggled to keep up.

Power up! No question that every company is ending the year with plenty of fatigue. It’s time to regroup and make a plan for the coming year.
Make a list of 2020s biggest issues – and fix them! Find out what keeps your team from being more productive. Eliminate persistent roadblocks. Fire customers who constantly complain.
Invest in your crew. Bring your leaders together and re-commit to your company values. Complete performance reviews for every employee on your team. Really take time to ask for and listen to suggestions for improvement.
Go for the “green light” projects. What makes your company unique? What can your team do better than any other firm in your market? There’s plenty of competition out there (and more entering every day). Maximize your success by using your strengths to your advantage. Stop saying “yes” to work that doesn’t fit. Train your team to understand what types of customers and projects you want to take.
Get your team to buy-into selling upgrades and add-ons.  This is the easiest way to grow your bottom line, but often fails from lack of effort. If the market softens a little, you’ll be glad you have something to fall back on. Is your team equipped to sell add-ons effortlessly?
The Team at North South Supply
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Your Website is Critical to Making Sales – Fix It Now!  
There are dozens of contractor websites in your market. If yours is difficult to use, unattractive or out-of-date, customers are going to move on.

Don't let customers click away and go somewhere else. Get them to stay.

Be sure your website:
1) Conveys your professionalism and builds trust in the first impression. A lackluster website reflects poorly on your quality work and commitment to customer service.
2) Makes it easy to understand all of your services - and provides a clear path to the next step of contacting you. Don't leave them wondering how to get started.
3) Has top-notch photos that showcase your capabilities. Invest in professional photography.
4) Is fully optimized for the latest requirements of search engines. The higher you rank = the more profitable work that flows to you.

Your website is your company "storefront". Don't cut corners. Don't entrust your future to an amateur.
Fix your site now to secure your position as a market leader!
How to Close the Sale with Landscape Lighting Customers
When you're on the verge of closing the sale but the customer is hesitating, use some of these techniques to get the customer to sign on the dotted line.
Nine lights not twelve For cost-conscious customers, reduce the scope of the initial proposal . Come back later with a second proposal. Secure the initial project and then add later. 
Win the right comparison - not the wrong one You can't beat the price of low-quality brands, so don't let cost rule your conversation. Listen to your customer's cost concerns but make the case for the total value of your services as a reputable contractor. Your customer is not just buying a product. They are buying the confidence and peace of mind that will come with your professional design and execution, plus the quality of Kichler Lighting's products and their industry-leading warranty. Your company and Kichler Lighting are entities that will stand behind the customer.
Be open and honest - and quiet Ask the customer, "How far off are we on price?" Give the customer time and silence to respond. (Count silently to 10 if you have to.) By providing a number, the customer comes closer to a deal with you. Having a definite number helps you brainstorm ways to close the gap.
Segment the project If the difference is big, offer to break the project into segments - you're happy to handle the front of the house this year and the backyard later. Make the case that it is better to install a limited number of high-quality products than a larger number of low-quality products that will not last as long. Because you trust your product and service, you can be confident the customer will want to follow through on the whole project eventually.     Learn more on Kichler's website 
Don't Send Money Down The Drain, Update Old Irrigation Systems
Older irrigation systems should be updated to new technology to save water and energy. Systems installed over the last two decades commonly lack water-efficient features. 

Educate your clients on valuable improvements that can be made to their existing systems to add instant water savings.

  • WiFi controls that update schedules based on weather
  • Pressure-regulating sprinklers and valves to reduce misting
  • Upgraded nozzles apply water to match soil intake rates
  • Drip and low-volume solutions for planting areas.

Saving water helps reduce monthly bills and reduces our region's overall water needs.  Plus these important improvements can add to your profitability.

Ask our team for ideas on the right products for your next project.
New Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline Takes on Any Application
The all-in-one design of Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline gives your clients protection that’s unmatched in the industry. With built-in check valves and pure copper chips in every emitter, it can take on any on-surface, sub-surface, sloped or flat application. With XFS-CV, you can ensure the systems you design are protected by the best available technology.

Pure Copper Root Protection With Copper Shield™ Technology inside every emitter, XFS-CV offers the industry's most effective root intrusion protection. It's proven to outperform competitors who use diluted copper alternatives.

Industry-Leading Check Valves Patent-pending 4.3 psi check valves deliver reliable low-point flooding protection. They keep the dripline charged to 10 feet or more on steep slopes—the highest in the industry—providing more uniform coverage in each zone.

See the full list of features that make XFS-CV Dripline the only solution you need to overcome the challenges of every project.
40+ Year Track Record for Reliability: Irritrol's 205 Series
The Irritrol® 205 Series 1-inch plastic valve is the irrigation industry's time-tested leader for dependable operation for residential and light commercial applications.

With a proven track record of success in a wide range of environments, these debris-tolerant valves incorporate a standard flow control.

Constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion- and UV-resistant PVC, the 205 Series features a high-flow, low-friction-loss-design that has a pressure range of 10-150 psi and flow range of .25-30 GPM. (compatible with drip!) A manual bleed and a rugged, nylon-reinforced Buna-N diaphragm add to this valve's wide popularity.