Jarret Keith grew up with his family in southern California. They moved around a lot. Some of his family’s moves were to areas with gang activity. 

Jarret became friends with kids who were smoking, drinking, and stealing. He decided to make the same poor choices. “My life was pretty much just a big party,” Jarret says about his teenage years. Beginning at age 10, he smoked weed and drank. Then he started dealing … and things quickly went from bad to worse...
Who is Two Wings?
Los Angeles is home to multiple shelters and drop-in centers, but outside of what Two Wings offers, there are no comprehensive employment services for trafficking survivors. Two Wings was born out of a need in the community for supportive services to accompany trafficking survivors.
Who is Treasures?
Treasures equips and empowers women in the sex industry and survivors of trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives and train others to do the same in their cities. They recently launched a 4-week campaign to educate people about covid's impact on those who are being exploited and trafficked.
A New Way of Life Virtual Gala, Hosted by Kristen Bell

Join A New Way of Life on Thursday, December 10th at 5:00 pm as they celebrate a year of perseverance and dedication, in a time unlike any other. A New Way of Life is dedicated to restoring communities impacted by incarceration and providing safe housing to formerly incarcerated women, reuniting families, and healing a nation suffering from a broken criminal justice system.

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