As 2018 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on our growth as a firm, the dedicated team we have at Trowbridge and the incredible clients and connections we have had the privilege of getting to know and delivering services to over the past year.

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Here is a recap of our "most read" articles of 2018:

Tax Pitfalls of Surrendering a Green Card
We outline the significant consequences that can arise (both beneficial and non-beneficial) from a voluntary or involuntary surrender of a US green card.

Business Travel into Canada: Ensuring Compliance
In the past, it was not difficult for a business traveller from the US to simply drive up to the border, enter Canada, work or attend meetings for a couple of days, then drive home and carry on with their daily lives. However, the CRA has been increasingly vigilant with ensuring compliance for business travellers.

Purchasing Canadian Real Estate from a Non-Resident of Canada:
"Be Aware" for Seamless Transactions
As standard practice in real estate transactions, all parties involved - realtor, client, legal representative - should enquire about the residency of the seller in early conversations to avoid potential future tax pitfalls.

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HONG KONG: A full house of members and guests of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong turned out to hear Wayne Bewick's tax presentation and have their tax-related questions answered.

Special thanks to The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for helping to make this evening interesting and informative.
SINGAPORE: Ernie Nagathra traveled to Singapore last month to deliver two tax presentations - one for Canadian expats living or working in Singapore and another for companies in Singapore sending workers to Canada for business or looking attract Canadian talent. Both events concluded with a lively Q&A session with attendees.
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