Happy December!  

Such a fun and exciting time of year!  With all the running this month, it's important to remember not to put your health on the back burner.  

A few reminders: 
Get solid rest (strive for 8 hours).  A sound sleep is invigorating and will help you to better manage the demands of your holiday schedule.    Fuel your body:   Stay hydrated and eat healthy -- limit the eggnog, alcohol & other sweets.  Enjoying a favorite treat every now and then is fine, but indulging in sugary temptations is sure to sap your much-needed energy and add inches to your waistline!   

Other suggestions:   Maintain your regular exercise program -- it will help manage your weight, reduce your stress levels and give your body an energy boost;  practice good hand hygiene to ward off the many germs lurking in malls and other public places (bring along Thieves waterless hand purifier wherever you go!);  carve out a few moments each day to  practice gratitude -- savoring the moments will help you deal with daily challenges, appreciate life and better enjoy the season.  Lastly, get adjusted!  A visit to our office will help keep your body moving and functioning well.
Please note our office will be closed for the holidays on  Monday 12/24, Tuesday 12/25 and Wednesday 12/26.  

May the magic and wonder of this holiday season remain with you through the coming year. 

Yours in health,

Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
Stressed Out?  More Stress Equals Less Gray Matter 

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and can be beneficial in times when a true threat is encountered, helping the body to perform its best in survival mode.

However, when this fight-or-flight response is constant, it can inflict long-term damage to the body.  Studies over the years have linked chronic stress to weight game, sleep issues, depression, heart disease, diabetes, a weakened immune system and dementia. Most of this research was focused on the elderly. Now a new study reveals that a high-stress lifestyle can lead to shrinkage of the brain and memory issues -- before the age of 50!

Published in the journal Neurology, this latest study found that people with the highest levels of the stress hormone cortisol had smaller cerebrums, and performed poorer on memory and cognitive tests. The findings were particularly evident in women.

Taking steps to reduce your stress improves your chances of preventing long-term damage to your body and your brain. If you feel your body is in a perpetual state of high alert, it may be dysregulated brain waves that are contributing to your stress. Neurofeedback therapy is one way to help retrain your brain to produce more normal patterns to relieve stress. Learn more by watching Dr. Chiappino's video above or by calling the office. 631.265.1223.
Take Time to Smell  the Lavender! 
Essentia l Oils Provide Stre ss
Relief --  Naturally!

The holidays are a whirlwind of activity, the shopping, baking, parties, family visits -- all squeezed around work and the activities of daily living. While the festivities are certainly fun,  th ey do give rise to a certain amount of stress and anxiety.

Exercise is a great s tress buster, but making time for the gym or  a run is often impossible at this time of year. Did you know that a quick and easy way to relieve stress is right under your nose? Essential oils like Lavender and Cedarwood can help enhance relaxation, promote a better quality of sleep and improve overall mood by stimulating brain pathways connected to emotional responses and memories.

Here's a seasonal shopping stress-buster: before you set out to "shop till you drop," grab a bottle of water to fend off hydration, which can cause stress, and be sure to pack an essential oils-filled rollerball in your bag ( Young Living's Stress Away is a fan favorite).  If the crowds start to overwhelm, sip some water, focus on deep breathing and dab your oil on pulse points (behind the ears, wrists, ankles, etc.) for optimal absorption into the bloodstream. Oils are carried to receptors in the brain, producing an immediate calming effect -- just the pick-me-up needed to help you navigate the holiday hustle bustle!

Contact our office to learn how aromatherapy can help bring about the calm you need to relax and enjoy the true reason for the season.   631.265.1223.
Reduce Your Exposure to Candle Toxins

Scented candles are ubiquitous this time of year and their fragrance admittedly can set a festive mood, but did you ever stop to think about what it is that you are actually burning to achieve that forest fresh scent?

Most candles are made with paraffin, a petroleum-based byproduct, combined with fragrance made from phthalates, a chemical suspected to affect the hormonal system. Burning the candles releases toluene and benzene, both known carcinogens, into the air. These chemicals can potentially damage the brain, lungs and central nervous system, and even cause cancer in extreme cases.  In addition, fetal exposure has been linked to neurological disorders in children.

Using common "scents" when purchasing fragrant candles can help protect your health. Opt for candles made from soy and infused with natural essential oils. Here's a DIY holiday idea - make your own soy candles for yourself (and maybe for gift giving, too)!  Or, if you're not so inclined to be crafty, simply combine your favorite holiday scents like eucalyptus and spearmint or use the Young Living Christmas Spirit blend and diffuse into the air to spread some aromatic holiday cheer.  You can breathe easy with an essential oil diffuser,  knowing that you are reducing your toxic load and filling your home with safe, all natural scents from nature.  Check out the wide variety of diffusers available from Young Living on   Dr. Chiappino's oils microsite www.gratitudedroppers.com.

Interested in learning about the many benefits of incorporating essential oils into your life?  Give our office a call: 631.265.1223.

Acupuncture Relieves Cancer Treatment Symptoms

Many patients undergoing cancer treatment experience debilitating side effects that impact quality of life. Conventional pharmacological approaches to treating side effects such as hot flashes are available, however, they often produce additional side effects as well as add yet another drug to those that are already included in many cancer treatment plans.

A new study from MD Anderson Cancer Center has found acupuncture to be significantly effective in easing a number of these side effects. In fact, many of the 375 study participants reported overall improvements from the very first acupuncture treatment, most notably in the frequency of hot flashes, nausea, numbness and tingling as well as fatigue.

If you or a loved one is experiencing distressing and disabling side effects from cancer treatment, call our office to discuss how acupuncture may help relieve your symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

Read About the Study:
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December Essential Oils Classes 

Curious about the wellness benefits that essential oils offer? Dr. Chiappino offers virtual seminars for members that you can attend from the comfort of your own home, via Facebook Live and Zoom video conferencing.  Join these informative classes and discover how the Young Living line can support your family's health naturally. 

Workshops are free for members, but registration is necessary.  Click on the blue Register Now!  line to sign up for your class. 

 December 10th  7:30PM

Beyond The Kit: Facebook Live:
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Members -- have questions? Need answers? Dr. Chiappino is here to help with all of your oily questions!

Click here to send in your questions prior to this live event  and Dr. Keri Chiappino will answer your questions live on her private Facebook group for Young Living kit members.  

 December 17th 7:30 PM
Young Living
ial Oils 101 Class

Join Dr. Keri Chiappino for a Members Only Essential Oils class and learn all about your Premium Starter Kit! 

We'll also be briefly discussing the benefits of NingXia Red-- a superfood antioxidant drink that came in your kit! Bring your questions and those who attend live will be eligible to win a prize in our raffle!

Not a member yet? Call our office to learn how to enroll . 631.265.1223.
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