1. January - Drink 66-99 oz or half your body weight (ounces) in water per day!   
  2. February - “Strive for 5!” Get a minimum combination of 5 fruits and vegetables per day!
  3. March - Eat a serving of heart healthy nuts/seeds daily! 
  4. April - Eat 1-3 servings of "healthy" starchy complex carbohydrate each day!
  5. May - Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your daily nutrition plan! 
  6. June - Add 2-4 servings (2-4 ounces) omega-3 rich fish to your nutrition plan each month!
  7. July - Incorporate a leafy green vegetable into your diet each day! 
  8. August - Add a lemon to your water!
  9. September – Practice the “Half Your Plate” Principle! Fill half your plate with vegetables and some fruit!  
  10. October – eat 1-4 servings of legumes each week!
  11. November - Starting with breakfast, eat a combination of protein and carbohydrate at 5 meals!
  12. December - use the 49-Day Nutrition Challenge food log and keep a journal of what you eat for a week or two!

There are several benefits to keeping a food log, for more insight read: Can a Food Diary Help You Lose Weight ?