Women's Health Updates — December 2022

Learn about recent developments in women's health as well as SWHR's activities that promote the study of sex and gender influences on health and serve our mission to improve women's health through science, policy, and education.
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Thank you for supporting the Society of Women's Health Research this past year and over the last 32 years. We are so thankful to have you with us as we work to promote the importance of research on biological sex differences in disease and improve women’s health through science, policy, and education. What else would you like to see from SWHR next year? Respond below to let us know.
Looking for additional aways to connect with SWHR? Share your women's health story with SWHR. SWHR is seeking stories about diagnoses, seeking care, and living with narcolepsy, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, menopause, of Alzheimer’s disease, managing your bone health, undergoing prenatal screening, or other women's health conditions. Visit swhr.org/shareyourstory or click the link below to learn more.
SWHR's Winter Social: A Reception in Celebration of Women’s Health is the event of the season to connect with fellow champions and partners in women’s health. Happening next week, on Thursday, December 8, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET, this event will be a night of mingling, merriment, and celebrating our collective work over the past year. Purchase your tickets today!

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SWHR Releases New Lupus Toolkit

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own tissues, creating widespread inflammation and symptoms throughout the body, which often results in organ tissue damage.

Based on the fact that the disease disproportionately affects women – 90% of Americans living with lupus are women ages 15-44 – SWHR created a toolkit to support women in their lupus journeys: Living Well With Lupus: A Toolkit for Women.

Read more about the toolkit on SWHR's blog: Lupus Wellness Toolkit Aims to Answers Women’s Health Questions.

REGISTER for the December 5, 2022 webinar, "Closing the Loop for Lupus: A Wellness Toolkit for Women (update link)" to explore the toolkit further and check out #SWHRtalksLupus on social media to learn more.

Do you have a lupus story to share? Share your health story with SWHR. Visit swhr.org/shareyourstory to learn more.
SWHR Publishes New Policy Agenda

As part of SWHR's commitment to raising awareness about the role of policy and legislative action to improve women's health, SWHR released a new policy agenda this fall and will publish another policy agenda this December – the newest one focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and the upcoming one will be on autoimmune diseases.
The SWHR Policy Agenda: Breaking Down the Burden of Alzheimer’s Disease for Women intends to serve as a roadmap outlining key areas of policy needs within research, clinical care, education and awareness, coverage and access, and more in order to improve Alzheimer’s outcomes both as patients and caregivers.

Ahead of the policy agenda launch, SWHR hosted a town hall event featuring Alzheimer's stakeholders who discussed how organizations are taking steps to reach diverse and underserved communities affected by the disease. Listen to the conversation: Moving Conversations About Alzheimer’s Disease into Policy and Practice: An SWHR Town Hall.

Look out for the Autoimmune Disease Policy Agenda publishing this December on the swhr.org website!

Are you impacted by Alzheimer's as a patient or caregiver? Share your story with SWHR by visiting swhr.org/shareyourstory and help inform future Alzheimer's care recommendations.

What is SWHR reading? "Potential contributor to sex differences in Alzheimer’s risk" by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) features research findings about how an enzyme called USP11 contributes to tau tangles, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

Explore the newly released Lupus Toolkit on Monday, December 5, 2022, 3:00 p.m. ET with a panel of lupus advocates and clinicians. Follow the conversation on social media at #SWHRtalksLupus.

Join a panel of pregnancy experts on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 2:00 p.m. ET to learn about the state of ethical pregnancy research.

Hosted by UnidosUS, the Latinx Health Equity Summit, taking place December 6-8, 2022, will focus on community-based achievements that seek to close health disparities and advance health equity in the Latinx community.
Check out SWHR's event calendar for more SWHR and other women's health events.
Catch Up On All Things Policy

Learn more about SWHR's policy work here.

What is SWHR reading? "How Neighborhood Segregation Fuels Maternal Health Disparities" by Patient Engagement HIT explores why Black people are more likely to see severe maternal morbidity regardless of neighborhood types. Learn more about health disparities – and opportunities for health equity – in the Women's Health Equity Initiative.
Government Executive: "A Bipartisan Bill Would Boost NIH’s Research on Menopause" discusses a legislation that could bolster federal menopause research, and includes SWHR comments about the bill's power to catalyze personalized treatment options.
Journal of Women's Health: "Recommendations for Improving Women’s Bone Health Throughout the Lifespan" is a collection of insights from the SWHR Bone Health Working Group on improving women's bone health, following a meeting earlier this year.

North Caroline Health News: "Health systems make a play for women" features remarks from SWHR CEO and President Katie Schubert about the growing investment in women's health in recent years.

Women's Health Healthy Aging Innovation Summit: SWHR CEO and President Katie Schubert spoke on a panel about "The Importance of Bridging the Sex and Gender Research Gap to Increase Opportunities" with fellow women's health experts.

With its impacts felt across families, communities, and the country, gun violence in the United States is not only a public health crisis, it is a women’s health issue. Read more about the burden of gun violence among women and violence prevention techniques.

Read about how women in particular are affected by caregiving for friends or family with Alzheimer’s disease and how this impact led to the development of SWHR’s Alzheimer's Disease Policy Agenda.
Read more of SWHR's recent blogs online here.

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What's new in Biology of Sex Differences? Explore the potential sex differences in glutamatergic transmission in the brain. Find more at @BiologySexDiff.
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