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Ladyhawk with turkey 
The Killing Derbies

This month's World of Wolves gives hope to those of us seeking compassion and science as guides for managing our wildlife in the west. Wildlife-killing contests have floated to the forefront of public consciousness as more of these barbaric events make the news. READ MORE.



Photos of Wolf Haven's wolves
The green giving season 

As a conservation organization, Wolf Haven is committed to sustainable food, goods and services that minimize harm to animals. By purchasing a "green" gift this holiday season, you are supporting and sharing this vision.


Turkey time!
Staff assembly line

Each year Wolf Haven gives each resident wolf a turkey filled with all the traditional fixins'.  Staff form an assembly line & ladle a scoop of mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, sugar-free apple pie filling, yams and one Brussels sprout inside the cavity of each turkey. Here you can see Lakota & Sequra enjoy their treat, but keep your eye on minute 1.25. In case you were wondering - wolves do NOT like Brussels sprouts.
7 minute video
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