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Zhang Xiang's Release Update

Two-year-old Zhang Xiang was released into the wild as scheduled on November 6, 2013.  Her first steps into her new home were tentative, as expected, but video captured of her on November 11th shows that she is already settling into her new surroundings well.

See the Video of her release

 Wild Giant Panda Captured on Camera

One of China's renowned World Heritage sites has recently captured its first photos of a wild giant panda in three decades, it confirmed on Saturday.

The photos were captured by infrared cameras installed in Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area in southwest China's Sichuan Province, according to the area's management administration. Full story 

A Visit with Mei Lan

PI Staff members traveled to China in November 2013 to tour the CCRCGP facilities, meet with staff and researchers, and visit the pandas available for adoption.  The first stop was a quick visit with Mei Lan, born at the Atlanta Zoo, who was happily munching on bamboo during the full visit.

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Watch the blog for more Travel notes in upcoming weeks.

Pandas Wild Move - On Animal Planet
Premieres Monday 6th January, 8.00pm

Panda's Wild Move follows two of China's most precious pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia as they are moved 3,000km away from their home in China to Singapore River Safari where it is hoped they will produce a new baby panda.   Read the full Article 

National Zoo to Release Name of Cub December 1

Online voting for the name of the National Zoo's "little princess" closed on November 22nd with a huge number of votes tallied.  Her Naming Ceremony will be held December 1.

Lun Lun with BOTH cubs

In mid November, Zoo Atlanta introduced both cubs at the same time to mom, Lun Lun.  As expected, Lun Lun reacted with the amazing parenting skills she has always shown.  Whether she was aware that there were two all along or not, we'll never know, but she is showing that she is a fabulous mom either way!

Read the full Article

Yuan Zai Explores Her World
Yuan Zai Explores Her World

Yuan Zai learning to climb, play, and bite at the Taipei Zoo.

Lin Bing - out of Quarantine and enjoying her new enclosure in BFX.
Mei Lin - Panda Protector

Please help us in giving a big THANK YOU to Mei Lin - our newest Panda Protector. Mei Lin, who was born in the Guangdong Province of China, raised money in lieu of presents at her birthday party.


Her dream is to someday travel to China to visit the pandas & hopefully volunteer to take care of them at the reserve.


Thanks, Mei Lin, for your support of the pandas! 

PI Funds Chinese Scientists Visit to Train with US Reproductive Biologist, David Kersey, PhD.

Scientists from the China Conservation and Research Center took a crucial first step to repopulate the giant panda into the wild by recently visiting with a renowned reproductive biologist from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif.  The scientists' goal is to strengthen their technique on fecal hormone analysis to improve captive breeding, by maximizing the breeding potential of the captive giant panda population and reintroducing pandas into the wild.

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Giant Panda Zoo Awards 2013 - Nominations Open

After the succesful first edition of the Giant Panda Zoo Awards in 2012, they are now preparing for the second edition.

Click here to find out more and send your nominations and comments to

Fegn Yi's Adoptor, Chet Chin, In the News

While in Bifengxia for the 9th Hug my Baby event, Chet Chin was interviewed by a Malaysian news team.  The team was at the base following the keepers who are preparing for the transfer of two pandas to Malaysia in the new year.  Imagine their surprise when they found out that the adopter of one of those pandas, Feng Yi, was Malaysian!

Read the full Article
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