As we gear up with new products and more to help you take on exciting applications in the year ahead, we look back at the applications that attracted your interest the most in 2015. Check out the top 20 here, and then follow the link to a fun quiz testing your knowledge.

Spectroscopy is no longer limited to the lab. This video demonstrates the use of modular spectrometers for open-path transmission of gaseous samples such as vehicle emissions.

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Rapid detection of illicit and harmful drugs saves time, resources and even lives. Learn how SERS is applied to noninvasive testing of trace concentrations of drugs in saliva.

Spectroscopy is taking a bite out of food fraud, which increases costs, erodes brand integrity and can result in illness and even death. It's a topic ripe for exploration.

When paired with spectroscopy, chemometric analysis is a valuable method for assessing food quality. We dived into a bushel of apples to identify variety and sugar content.

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Nanomaterials may boost power conversion efficiency in organic solar cells. Discover how Ocean Optics spectrometers are helping researchers test how well these materials perform.  

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From measuring climate effects to creating a remote UV index monitor, Developers Kit users are using streamlined spectroscopy and processing tools to take on new challenges.

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Explore how Spark bridges the measurement gap between filter-based devices and CCD-array instruments for techniques including absorbance, color and fluorescence.

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Discover how gemstone analysts, industry regulators and law enforcement are using spectroscopy to distinguish genuine from artificial gemstones such as rubies and diamonds.

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Learn how the Flame spectrometer delivers high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation, ensuring measurement consistency even with dramatic changes in ambient conditions.

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Olive oil is a multibillion dollar industry, attracting profiteers who dilute and adulterate the oil. Learn how spectroscopy thwarts these counterfeiters by detecting evidence of fraud.

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