The Sower with Setting Sun, Vincent van Gogh, 1888
He which sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly;
and he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully.
2 Corinthians 9:6
From the Executive Minister 


Sexual Harassment and Abuse - Wake Up Church!


The almost daily revelations of sexual misconduct by persons in leadership has caught everyone's attention.  What I sense is a move towards a new reality in the United States.  The on-line "Me Too" movement has emboldened victims (female and male) to speak up and confront those persons who have harmed them.  It appears that we are moving to a place of zero tolerance, which I believe is a good thing.

This news may be sobering for many churches, who have tried to sweep leadership abuse under a proverbial carpet for many years.  A word of caution to these churches, you may find that these "secrets" may soon be made public, just as past abuses by persons of celebrity have become news.

Early in my ministry, I was called as an Associate Pastor to a church which had recently been made aware that a staff member had been abusing children. The church leadership tried to handle it quietly, allowing the staff member to remain under certain restrictions.  In time, those restrictions were violated, and the staff member was asked to resign.  Years later, news reporters stood outside of that church, reporting on new allegations (as well as past) of sexual misconduct by that individual.

Unfortunately for victims...

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Prayer List Prayer

Dec 3
Aenon Baptist Church
Dec 10
Immanuel Baptist Church
Dec 17
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Dec 24
Morton Baptist Church
Our Church Story  ChurchStory

The Baptist Temple

Downtown Rochester Temple Building, built 1924
Through its rich history, the Baptist Temple was a forerunner in race relations and women's rights. In 1841, in a bold and controversial act, the Second Baptist Church allowed whites and blacks to worship together. They allowed women to vote in church elections in 1871 and ordained their first woman in 1935.  Here is how it all began...
In 1834, the year in which Rochester received its city charter, 53 members of the First Baptist Church organized themselves as 
the Second Baptist Church, now called The Baptist Temple. The celebrants began worshipping in a two-story stone meeting house  on the corner of Main Street and Clinton Avenue. 

The Baptist Temple,
built 1964 
David and Sarah Barton were among the earliest members of the Second Baptist Church, hosting the first prayer meetings in their home. The Bartons and many constituent members of the congregation valued high intellectual attainment. As a result, the Baptists established the University of Rochester and the Rochester Theological Seminary in the 1850s. 

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Your Church Story  YourChurchStory

We hope that you've enjoyed our feature on church stories. Alas, many of you have not submitted yours. We hope this gentle reminder will prompt someone in your church family to submit your church story - and bless others with its telling.
A Second Match Challenge!   Match

A second anonymous donor has come forward with a match gift challenge.  This donor will provide a 100% match on gifts given before 
Dec. 10th up to $2,000!  

Gifts can be given on-line through the 'Donate' button on the website ( or through the mail: ABCRGR,  1100 Clover Street, Rochester NY 14610.

Holidays at Cameron Community Ministries Cameron

"I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink..." Matthew 25:35

Cameron has several amazing programs that run during this   
time - and there are many ways for YOU to be involved!  
2016 Santa Party

1. Adopt-a-Family (for the neediest families)
2. Christmas baskets
3. Kids gifts for the Santa Party 
4. Adult gifts for after school "Kids Shopping"

To learn more about these events, click here.
Or call (585) 254-2697

Benefit Breakfast for Flower City Work Camp Breakfast

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Farewell to Parma Baptist "Community" Church Parma

On October 14, 2017, a Legacy Celebration was held to mark the closing of Parma Baptist "Community" Church.  It was a service filled with reflection and memories of our 185 years of ministry through music, litanies, skits, photos, and open sharing.  

As the time has come to say farewell to Parma's ministry, it is with great hope that a new ministry will be blessed and thrive with the presence of the Rochester Karen Baptist Church occupying the Parma location.

Friends of the Region Giving - Oct., Nov. Friends

Pal - Up to $100
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Golden Friend - $1,000 and greater -  Hines, A. & G. Newton

Church Organist Needed organist

The United Church of Pittsford is looking for a church organist and accompanist.  The organist will work with the minister, the worship and music committee, and the choir director to plan music for the worship services. 

This position is fifty-two (52) weeks per calendar year, with vacation and optional Sundays, and can be renewed annually. Salary is competitive. Read more.

To apply:  Email your resume with a cover letter stating your interest in our position to .  

Puerto Rico is Still in Dire Need PuertoRico

It's been close to two months now since Hurricane Maria obliterated Puerto Rico.  You've heard about the destruction and challenges still facing those who have no electricity and no safe drinking water. Life there is hard for so many, and recovery is not coming quickly.
With your help, American Baptist Home Mission Societies  has delivered 100 filters for purifying water, 1,000 solar lights, 125 solar chargers, 100 tarps, 200 portable triple burners for cooking and 50 propane tanks. Released from One Great Hour of Sharing, $10,000 was used to purchase food.
And, still, Puerto Rico is in dire need. Please give generously today to bring help and hope to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Puerto Rico by clicking here