We are pleased and proud to introduce to you the 12 new lay missioners who will be sent forth this Saturday, Dec. 8.

The new lay missioners of the Class of 2018 range in age from 23 to 69 and include individuals, couples, and a family of five. They are committing to three and a half years of service. All of them will depart right in early January for their respective mission sites, where they will receive extensive in-country language training and acculturation before they begin their ministry assignments.

Here are three easy ways to get to know this wonderful group, which over the past 10 weeks has become part of the MKLM family and whose presence "on the Knoll" will greatly be missed: José Luis and Verónica, Abby, Cortney, Sam, Kevin and Marilyn, Joe, Jaynie, Rich, Stephen and Loyce (with their children, Claire, Justin and Abigail) :