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Thank You For a Great Year
Happy new years eve everyone. We hope you enjoyed the holiday season. We certainly did. This past year has been our busiest ever, and thanks to your patronage 2017 looks like its going to be more of the same as we are already starting to book into the end of January. Enjoy the last day of 2016 happily and safely, we will see you in 2017.
Tip of the Month

Ever wonder how to clean your greasy range hood filter without those, stinky, toxic, chemical filled cleaning products ? well wonder no longer because that's just what this Tip of the Month is all about. 

Christmas Gift Storage 

The season of giving is a beautiful time of generousity and kindness, where family and friends spend time together and money on each other and in the end you have a whole lot of stuff. Stuff you might use, stuff you will never use, stuff that makes you think "what were they thinking". Either way you have more than you know what to do with and no where to put it. We can help. We install multi types of storage solutions for a variety of reasons. During the month of December we installed 25 shelfs for our clients. We installed the Rubbermaid wire system, wooden cleat shelving, and multiple types decorative shelving as well. Above is a picture of some wooden cleat shelving we installed for a customer in her long narrow walk-in closet for about 2 weeks ago.
Stopping Frozen Pipes

Winter hit us hard and fast in Toronto this year and that means frozen pipes are far more likely than in prior years. Frozen pipes can cost you a bundle of cash and are way more inconvenient than the measures it takes prevent them. Now, not every house is susceptible to frozen pipes, but if you have pipes in your outside walls it is a possibility.