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It's the holidays, y'all! As I look ahead, I think about my progress throughout the year and I have so much to be grateful for, starting with this little beauty above. Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, was presented with the Best Home Base Business at The Grind Awards. This is how you end the year, on a high note! Dedicated to my loving husband, "Tripolle James" the one whom I prayed for and my clients, thank you for your business. I look forward to new heights, new ventures and most importantly new connections. Finally, I want to thank you, yes you! Thank you for reading my newsletter, keeping in contact with me. I continue to receive positive feedback and it means so much to me. Remember, if you see me at a conference, networking event, or just a one on one meeting... Smile! So, we can share the wonderful time we had together!

From us to you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 

Tiffany (the Selfie Queen) + Team 

Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More is booked to full capacity, and we will start accepting new clients after the New Year.


The Grind Awards

We are happy to report that Trip and Tiffany, had a wonderful time during The Grind Awards. Tiffany, simply thought she would be acknowledged, she walked away winning a category. Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, is an award winning Business Consulting Firm that provides Virtual Assistance. They say a picture is worth a million words. However looking at the picture below, Tiffany said this, "Jehovah, if I had a thousand tongues, I couldn't thank you enough!"

Mobile Citizens Police Academy Friendsgiving

The Mobile Citizen's Academy Class #30, affectionately known as, "The Mob Squad 30, has officially finished their class. Graduation is set to be held in December. To celebrate they had a Friendsgiving Feast! Tiffany had this to say about her time in the leadership role as their President, "I can truly say that I have grown by being responsible for a group of this size (class of 24), it has taught me: the importance of making sure everyone is included (in voting and communication), timeliness (arriving early to lead class), and perfecting my vision (planning, organizing and executing).

Legislative Committee

Early in the month of November, the Mobile Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee met to discuss next year's agenda. As a company, its important to know what our organizational memberships stance is on advocacy. We strive to be active members and servant leaders. Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, values reciprocity and prioritize our time in order to meet our goals. Tiffany pulled up to table with an open ear and an open mind. The committee is a wealth of knowledge. In this meeting she was able to hear the thoughts of senior members and proposed changes to the current agenda. Stay tuned for more updates.

Coastal Conversations

Mid-month, Tiffany attended a presentation on, "The Facts and the Numbers of Medicaid Expansion," hosted by Coastal Conversations at the USA Strada Center. The topics were interesting and mind blowing. Tiffany, was able to finally connect how policy influenced funding that is expended on residents. On an intimate note, she understood why so many young parents choose not to work. The presentation was given by Ryan Hankins, Executive Director of Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, in the beginning of the presentation he shared the organization's idealization of non-biases number reporting. The presentation ended on a high note and showed the possibility of program and job expansion. We look forward to the outcome of leaderships' decisions.

Opportunity 4 Entertainers

Near the end of the month, Working WithTiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, had the pleasure to sit with the Best Nonprofit Award winner of the year presented by The Grind Awards. Kalenski "DJ Dirty Dan" Adams, Executive Director of Opportunity 4 Entertainers. We reported back in our August newsletter the importance of supporting this organization during their signature event Mobile Music Festival. They have ton of programs and we invite you to give to a worthy cause with us. Keep the positive vibes going, we see you working guys!

Punta Cana Travel

To end the month, after persevering through the pandemic, a cancelled wedding, travel company cancellations. Trip and Tiffany took to the skies and arrived to celebrate their marriage by honeymooning at Breathless Resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a sight to behold, and after they reaffirmed their love and commitment to each other. Tiffany had this to say, "Life isn't all about WORK. It's about the WORK you put in, to have the life you want."

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