Live storytelling open mic
returning to Caffe Lena on
Tuesday, December 7!

Live Word Plays
returning to Proctors on
Sunday, January 30!

While Zooming has helped performing arts stay alive during COVID, it is a mere shadow of an actual live performance. At live performances, you can:

See the performers' entire bodies
Hear other audience members react
Truly be part of the performance

Come join us and feel ALIVE again!

The current COVID protocols at both Caffe Lena and Proctors are:
  • Proof of vaccination required at the door
  • Masks on while not eating or drinking

Come join us on the second Wednesday of December for a storytelling open mic. Here is what we’ve got lined up…

Wednesday, December 8 @ Little Pecks (7:30 – 9:30 pm)
Hosted by Willow Burns

Theme: “Mistakes”
We’re all human, which is to say, we all make mistakes. But have you ever made a mistake so bad you didn’t even want to admit it? So egregious that you hid behind a half-truth, dodging blame with a phrase like, “mistakes were made”? Come to Troy and share your story of massive missteps. How did you recover? Did anyone find out what you did? And how did the experience change you?

Covid-19 Note: We’ll be convening in the Garden behind Little Pecks/Lucas Confectionary in downtown Troy. The garden space is enclosed this time of year, so we recommend masks for the audience. Vaccinated storytellers are welcome to be unmasked at the mic.