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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
The mainstream media and Democratic Party presidential hopefuls are taking President Donald Trump to task for sounding the alarm on Iran and then pulling back. They say he went against his repeated campaign promises to not telegraph military actions as did his predecessor. They say it was reckless foreign policy and Joe Biden went so far as to say that it was "a self-inflicted disaster." Biden said that Trump walking away from the Iranian nuclear deal actually was a breakdown in diplomacy that will allow Iran to make a nuclear weapon and that Trump was failing to protect national security by not securing a stable energy supply through the Straights of Hormuz. The facts speak otherwise.
The Iranian nuclear deal actually gave Iran the green light and over a billion American dollars in cash to continue its nuclear development. The previous president admitted his deal with the terrorist-sponsoring nation only prevented nuclear weapons for 10 years. Trump did not telegraph his military action against Iran, he was actually using an old Teddy Roosevelt foreign policy tactic-speak softly and carry a big stick. The "big stick" was a threatened attack on Iran for shooting down an American drone in international airspace. The "speak softly" was the offer to discuss issues between Iran and the US rather than go to war over them. 
For these Democratic Party presidential candidates to decry the horrible situation in the Middle East as Trump's fault, and the media to allow their statements to stand without challenge is blatantly irresponsible on both parts. The Middle East is an extraordinary mess because of Arab Spring where the previous Administration supported the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood fomenting revolution throughout the region and destabilizing or overthrowing governments. The Democratic Party hopefuls' foreign policy is to support policies that create problems, and then blame the problems on the guy who tries to fix them. Some of the things they are saying defy common sense and expose their deadly weaknesses.
We do not need another war. America is far too long in the wars in the Middle East. We have lost too many of our sons and daughters, too many are maimed for life because America is the world police against Islamic aggression. If he does nothing more the rest of his presidency, Donald Trump did the right thing by showing restraint and trying to negotiate peace with Iran, which has gone way too far in its own warmongering. All the political forces are shouting "WAR" in Trump's ear, yet they will be the first to criticize him if he takes the bait or criticize him if he doesn't. Christ said in Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Peace is a tough business, especially when you have Islam, the media and political hypocrites working deception, disruption, duplicity and dishonesty.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Feeding a community of children

By Pastor William Agbeti

As early as 8am one Sunday morning not long ago, they started pouring in. Two hundred and sixteen children, forty eight parents and a handful of the disabled, coming from various poor homes and communities, eagerly looking forward to a good, free meal.
The Daily Jot supported ministry in Ghana feeds, clothes and provides clean water for hundreds of children

The atmosphere was electrifying and heartrending - an entire community of children and parents showing up for a free meal.

Meals were served to the satisfaction of all. All had soda to drink and water to quench their thirsts.

Everyone participated in some sort of games and danced to popular local music. Joy, laughter, merry making and the spirit of love hung heavily in the air. 
This was heaven to many.

Then what we always dread at our feeding functions happened. It was time to say good bye and depart. A surprise announcement was made, that all the children and their parents, including the disabled, would be given free food to take home! 

They were asked to line up for the extra food. Suddenly there was a stampede. Children and adults started fighting for first place in the queue to receive their free meals. 

Tears rolled down the cheeks of volunteers, as they served in total silence.

William D. Agbeti

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Bill Wilson
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