Deckler Fountain - Landmark
Deckler Fountain, a tucked-away treasure in the middle of Downtown's cavernous skyscrapers, is a relatively ordinary fountain with an extraordinary past and perhaps an extraordinary destiny.
The fountain depicts a mermaid (actually, a female Apkallu) dressed as a princess. It is clearly very old but very well maintained.  
The Deckler Fountain predates Titan City in a way. At some point lost to history in the 1800s, a granite fountain was constructed on this spot. Prevailing theory is that it was a simple point of vanity for some wealthy homeowner, presumably named Deckler. 
In the devastation of the Great Fire that swept the area in 1908, the fountain survived and was indeed instrumental in helping to fight the fire (primarily by being a rally point for firefighting efforts). After the fire, the fountain was overhauled and improved ‘in appreciation for its’ efforts in firefighting’. Gradually, it developed a reputation for granting blessings and wishes in return for coin. 
Citizens, heroes and villains all occasionally toss the fountains a few coins for luck. The city plans to maintain the fountain as functional and presentable in its current condition for the time to come, which isn’t always easy in the face of super powered vandals.
Some people who seek out this landmark are puzzled that it’s just a fountain, despite its intense interest from local residents. It is said the fountain was built by the ancient and powerful Apkallu race, and sits above a network of underground passages, but any sign of that history appears hidden at the site. So for most people, it is considered an icon of luck and wishes by numerous superstitious members of the populace and is a quite famous landmark that any native of the city can find or use as a navigation point.