Headed for the great outdoors.
Declan is outgoing and chatty; he loves playing Minecraft, camping and hanging out with his family. He’d like to learn to sit-ski and train his dog Tundra to become a service dog for him. Living with a spinal tumour has paraplegic effects on Declan; his condition impacts all his movements and activities and he lives with chronic pain. Despite this, he is a huge fan of cooking shows and dreams of owning his own restaurant when he gets older. With a vision of doing more camping in his favourite spots, Declan wished for a tent trailer.

Nothing brings hope like the promise of a wish.
Thank you for your ongoing support during these unprecedented times. Together we can continue to change the lives of kids in our community, one wish at a time.
Rappel for Wishes!
You still have time to register for Rope For Hope and fundraise for the exhilarating experience of rappeling down a city skyscraper. We've postponed our Edmonton event until 2021, but if you raise a miminum of $1,500 you can go over the edge of Red Deer's Stantec Executive Place on September 19, 2020.

Interested but nervous? We can help! We have fundraising tips to break down that $1,500 minimum and staff with stories of going over the edge. You can do it—wishes are waiting!

Note: We continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 and will notify all participants if it becomes necessary to modify our event plans. 
Get up off the couch!
This year the Make-A-Wish Hope Run is going virtual! Getting involved is easy:
  • Sometime between Sept 5-7, go for a walk or run and screenshot your route with a run tracking app. You decide the place and the distance.
  • Share your run on social media, using #YEGHopeRun2020 and post your screenshot.
  • Make a donation to Make-A-Wish. Share your involvement with all with your friends and network so they can get involved too!

More #WishesAreWaiting than ever before, and you can help make them happen.