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Declaring Your Own Independence

Audio version read by Rev. Steven Lane Taylor, B.Msc. is now available:

How very precious is the freedom of independence from relying on anything outside of oneself!  Without such freedom, people often feel that their soul is being suffocated. This is due to the lack of breathing room to move, think, and feel life with the sense of liberty that comes from not being dependent on anything or anyone outside of oneself.

How many people today live lives of quiet, or at times, not so quiet desperation? How many people feel trapped by other people, or by conditions in their lives? How many feel this way, believing, for example, that they have no choice but to remain in some form of employment with which they feel very uncomfortable? How many feel that they are in a relationship with a spouse or significant other that they cannot abandon, even though they wish to, for fear of losing financial, emotional, or sexual support?

Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' "The Theocentric Way of Life," Volume 3: Module 12.

Founder, Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Weekly Mystical Insights 

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"Achieving Independence of
Mind and Soul"
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E ach week the University of Metaphysics presents another metaphysical/spiritual Inspirational Lecture f eaturing Dr. Paul Leon Masters, offering exceptional insights on extraordinary and everyday topics.

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Each day there is a free 3 to 4-minute "Improve Your Life" audio message and meditation from Dr. Masters offering insights into daily living. Some of the topics include love, happiness, abundance, positive thinking, and navigating daily living during these times. The messages will inspire you to rise above any challenges in your life.

What You Can Expect

Dick Caldwell, Vice President of IMM, speaks about the past, present and future of the IMM University System

If you’re new to the International Metaphysical Ministry or perhaps considering taking a course and not sure how it would benefit you and if what you might have read, or heard, would apply to you, I can relate to your hesitation. I went through the same thing in 1993. I had attended some services at Dr. Masters’ church in Las Vegas, was moved by what he said and how he said it and decided to look into what was offered through the University of Metaphysics. I’ve never been one to rush into something and I did my due diligence as I studied information about the courses, requirements and costs.

Looking back, 25 years later, I realize that signing up for my first course, and obtaining my first degree in 1996, was the best decision I ever made – and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again which is why I also don’t hesitate to recommend this program to anyone.

So much has happened since then, for me and for the organization. On the accompanying clip I talk about some of the exciting developments.

Dr. Masters was a “people person” and every student, graduate and member was important to him, as a person. On this clip I talk about the future - and it is exciting – so I hope you’ll take a few minutes and allow me to share some thoughts and memories about something that has been life-changing for so many people, certainly for me.

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Spiritual Tools and Resources
Timeless Wisdom

Since 1959, Dr. Masters had conducted full time research and teaching into the exploration of consciousness, synthesizing results from research experience with science, psychology and the mystical teachings of Christ and others. This is the basis and foundation of the life improvement instruction and consciousness exploration practice that he shared with those seeking a more enlightened spirituality with which to live their lives.

Meditation Dynamics

Touch the Spirit of Infinite Love, Life, Wisdom, and Peace through Meditation

Dr. Masters' new and improved version of Meditation Dynamics includes an abundance of practical meditation exercises that will assist you in opening to higher levels of self-realization, inner happiness, and outer success. 
Meditation Dynamics is a how-to book with emphasis on the actual practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, and related metaphysical disciplines.
Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations

Affirmations to Be Used Together with the Inspirational Lecture Series

Affirmations are a cornerstone of Dr. Masters' teachings. The collection of affirmations within this book stand as a testament to Dr. Masters' belief in the power of positive thinking, and using affirmations to advance and enlighten all areas of the human experience and to elevate human potential.
Mystical Insights
- Knowing the Unknown

Dr. Masters dedicated over five decades of full-time professional work involving the research and application of his findings to improve human lives. His soul's fulfillment was to share how Universal Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives.

Dr. Masters explores these concepts and shares his realizations and wisdom with Mystical Insights.
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This has truly been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my life!! I’m forever grateful to The University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona for this opportunity to study and earn my PhD!!!!

I pray many many Blessings for the school and all involved in it.

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