Dear Members,

Just a few weeks ago, the legislature passed a $420 million package for increased education funding and teacher pay raises. While the plan didn’t solve years of neglect, it was a significant step in the right direction.
Now, all of our progress is at risk.
Earlier this month the group Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite began a veto referendum effort to reverse teacher pay raises and increased funding for our schools.
We cannot let this happen.
But we need your help because if they gather roughly 43,000 signatures of registered Oklahoma voters, they will be one step closer to taking away the teacher pay raise and the funding to Oklahoma classrooms we advocated for so tirelessly.

It’s why we are asking you to spread the message. Tell your friends and family to, “Decline to Sign 799” today. Click here learn more about the coalition’s efforts.

An easy way to help is by changing your Facebook profile picture. Will you help spread the message today?

Skye McNiel
OkACTE Executive Director