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Barn Deconstruction 
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We recently completed  the deconstruction of two tobacco barns. A very large amount of materials were recovered including the siding , framing and roof sheathing. Each barn was 32 x 192 feet! The materials from these barns could only be saved with the cooperation and support of The American Honda Motor Company, Inc.; and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation. Also, John Cusick Construction Company, C&D Services and Barn Removal Services. 
Materials from these barns have now gone to repair other period barns, become furniture, become interior walls and flooring and used for many other applications. 

Barn becomes.....

AND .....
We are nearly completed with the deconstruction of a barn in Hamden. Our best guess is that it was built in 1928 using some older hand hewn framing from another barn. We are recovering all of the roof sheathing, siding loft floor and framing materials. And beside all of that material we've salvaged windows, an antique bed, the doors, some wood and burlap , and other items now heading to the shop.
We just recently bid the removal of another barn - and we have some partial and full house deconstructions in to sell the materials to make it all work.. Check our Instagram, Facebook and website to see what we've recovered lately.

We will be selling lots of good antiquey things at the following upcoming events

September 9th 
The Outerspace in Hamden

September 16th 

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