HR May Want to Think Twice Before Adding New Financial Benefits In 2023
HR Brew | Kristen Parisi | November 28, 2022
Assess your current financial benefits before adding new ones, one benefits expert says.
A Las Vegas buffet is a glorious feeding frenzy. Who doesn’t want a lobster tail with a side of waffles? But having too many choices can be overwhelming, and workplace benefits are no different. As employees have grown increasingly concerned about inflation, many employers have listened, rolling out new financial wellness programs.
To Retain Your Best Employees, Invest in Your Best Managers
Harvard Business Review | Erica Keswin | December 01, 2022

You may recall the iconic 2013 Gallup study that found that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. While that research was conducted almost 10 years ago, the adage holds up today. Over the last few years, I’ve been consulting with companies on how to “bring their human” to the world of hybrid work, which helped me begin to see how important managers are.
How To Use DEI-Focused Manager Training to Re-Engage Employees
HR Dive | Elena Richards | November 30, 2022
"Before we pontificate about quiet quitting ... ask if you’re doing everything you can to be an employer of choice,” writes DEI leader Elena Richards of KPMG.
From The Wall Street Journal to job advice sites, “quiet quitting” had gone viral – but months later, everyone continues to talk past one another, with little clear guidance for organizational leaders approaching the issue.
Quiet quitting is not just about one’s individual experiences within the workplace, but the larger, shared experience of declining employee engagement across organizations. So, where does it stem from, how can organizations respond, and what can people do avoid the feeling?
"Mental health matters! What a great conference! What a fantastic group of HR professions! Keep up the good work! You matter!"
"So thankful for this opportunity! Keep smiling! Keep being you! Keep putting on great conferences!" 
"Thank you, Nan Boland and Iowa Employment Conference for shining the spotlight on mental health!" 
Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Keynote Speaker M. Ramona Wink
Mental Health Counselor/Public Speaker
When It Comes To DE&I, Good Intentions Aren’t Enough
HR Brew | Susanna Vogel | November 30, 2022
Throwing the kitchen sink at a diversity problem, author Lily Zheng says, won’t work. It’s time to get tactical about DE&I. When Lily Zheng set out to write DEI Deconstructed: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Doing the Work and Doing It Right, they were writing the book they wished they’d had when they started their career as a DE&I practitioner. Zheng, who frequently led diversity training for large corporations, often stewed over the question, How can I be sure that the work I’m doing is achieving what I think it is?
Make the Most of Your One-on-One Meetings
Harvard Business Review | Steven G. Rogelberg | From the Magazine (November–December 2022)

Turnover was high on Bill’s team—higher, in fact, than on most other teams at his company. Although Bill thought of himself as a good manager, exit interviews with his departing team members suggested that they hadn’t felt meaningfully engaged or fully supported in their roles and had tended to step on one another’s toes with their assignments. What, exactly, was Bill doing wrong? One area stood out when I spoke with him and his team:
Passive Aggression in the Workplace: How Soft Skills Can Overcome Problematic Behavior
Employee Benefits News | November 30, 2022

At a time when HR professionals and employers are facing challenges such as layoffs, quiet quitting and a potential recession, putting a check on employees' sarcasm, or the snarky tone of an email, may not seem like a top priority — but it should be. A recent survey of 2,000 workers by Go1 revealed a troubling trend: 70% of those surveyed said they experience passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace, with 64% saying they witness it at least once a week. A new issue? No, but the scope has changed. 
"This week was packed full of learning, educating and connecting. Shout out to Nan Boland and the Iowa Employment Conference team for their commitment and dedication to helping businesses set their leaders and employees up for success. I ran into several contacts I knew, and attended a great session by Sarah Noll Wilson, related to her new book, Don’t Feed the Elephants."
Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Barb Ranck
Enneagram and ACC-Coach Credentialed Coach & Facilitator on topics related to Enneagram, Energy, and Empathy
IEC Sponsor Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. | November 1, 2022

Sometimes we’ve gotten so good at tolerating the elephant in the room that we no longer realize it’s still there. Or we do not allow ourselves to fully register the presence of an elephant because it is too scary or uncomfortable. The elephant can quickly become the norm if we numb our intuitive senses. It is helpful to figure out what the company of an elephant feels like so we can begin to connect those warning signs with the need to act.  

7 Ways to Show Gratitude for Employee Engagement
HR Exchange Network | Francesca Di Meglio | November 22, 2022
In the United States, people celebrate Thanksgiving every November. It’s an opportunity to take stock of the ways Human Resources leaders and employers can show their gratitude to workers. 
Recently, HR Exchange Network posted a question on asking people to share the ways they have expressed their thanks to employees.
5 Employee Handbook Sections That May Need an Overhaul In 2023
HR Dive | Katie Clarey
November 21, 2022
“I think a lot of companies don’t update their employee handbooks as often as they should,” Diverse & Engaged CEO Dee C. Marshall told HR Dive. As HR leaders wrap up the year, they may want to revisit some sections of the employee handbook. If there’s ever a time to rethink your handbook, it’s now, according to Diverse & Engaged CEO Dee C. Marshall.
HR Trends for 2023: Future of Human Resource Management
Select Hub | Ritika Dixit

The past few years have redefined the human resource management industry in more ways than one. From a more efficient hybrid work model to the metaverse, 2023 will be the year when upcoming HR trends add value to the recent transformation that the HR industry has witnessed. What is worth looking forward to in the future of the HR industry? And what trends are out there to look out for?
"Such an honor to be at a great conference with such great people! Thank you to Nan Boland and everyone who helps make the Iowa Employment Conference a success!!"

Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Erik J. Dominguez
Keynote Speaker. Communications Expert. Facilitator. Instructional Designer.
What to do When Your Employee is Getting Divorced
IEC Sponsor Dentons Davis Brown | JoEllen Whitney & Tyler Coe | November 22, 2022
Maybe you noticed that an employee needs more time off lately or has seemed extra stressed or distracted. Perhaps they even told you they are having a tough time in their personal life and are divorcing their spouse. While this is certainly highly disruptive to the employee, there can also be issues employers should consider if your employee is going through a divorce or separation process.
Performance and Leave
A divorce is a stressful process and employees may have court dates, and meetings with attorneys during work hours, or may experience performance issues due to stress. Employers need to assess the leave needs of the employee and consider these issues when an employee makes leave requests. In the case of domestic abuse, while Iowa does not have specific leave statutes, the EEOC has stated that failure to take these circumstances into account could form the basis of a sex-based claim. Domestic abuse hearings often happen twice, once for the initial protective order and the second for the determination of the final protective order.
How Are Individual Marketplace Plans Different?
IEC Sponsor Remodel Health | Maggie Taylor | November 29, 2022
When you switch from a traditional group health insurance plan to individual Marketplace plans for employees, the benefits are endless! This transition is easier than you may think, which means it’s time to take advantage of these individual health insurance plans that have been flipping the script on traditional health benefits for over a decade! In our last blog, we defined individual health insurance plans as health benefits purchased on the Health Insurance Marketplace. We also discussed why 60% of employees choose these plans when given the choice to select their own health benefits. Data shows that the industry shift to individual health insurance is happening – and it’s clear that employees want these plans now more than ever! This striking statistic brings attention to the fact that Marketplace plans are different and ultimately better than traditional group plans. 

What makes individual Marketplace plans different?
There are two primary differences between Marketplace plans and traditional group plans.
"Nan, it was a pleasure meeting you last week at your conference. Very well organized and I made some good contacts. Thank you for taking the time to make the rounds and check on your exhibitors. The personal touch makes a huge difference, and I will plan on attending the 2-day spring conference."
Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Sponsor Representative Amanda Brink Hull 
Engagement Director

These are the most frequently requested U.S. Department of Labor forms. You can complete some forms online, while you can download and print all others.

This section provides information for employers and other participants about the verification process, including detailed instructions on handling an employee’s Tentative Nonconfirmation and other related topics.

For the latest about E-Verify, check out What's New.

If you are not already enrolled in E-Verify, explore the program and what it can do for your business, then learn how to enroll.
"Thank you, Nan Boland & the entire team, at the Iowa Employment Conference for the trust and invitation to speak on topics that are so meaningful!"
"There was so much great conversation today around mental health and employee wellbeing!"
 Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Beth Shelton
MBA , CEO, Speaker, Writer, Advocate, Learner
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"Got to pop in and check out the Iowa Employment Conference today. The vibe was happy and energetic. Not normal stoic corporate austere. A very well-run event! Connected with some really cool people. Heard some great speakers." 

Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Attendee Christine Clark
Transformational Life Coach


Jana Lemrick of Pottawattamie County
Thank you, congratulations!
"I had so much fun presenting at the Iowa Employment Conference this week! What a great group of participants. Nan Boland and her team do a great job putting together a meaningful conference experience!"
"Thank you so much for having me - what a great experience!"

Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Skye Mercer
MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDMS, Virtual HR Consultant & Leadership Coach
"I’ve attended this conference for 16 years. It is a great way through a variety of topics so you can stay current on laws, trends & creative approaches to challenges you may face. Most important to me are the relationships built over those years. I have met wonderful people & have resources that I can call on. I think this is invaluable. There are many ways we can keep ourselves updated on HR related laws & topics, but I truly believe this conference is one of the best ways to accomplish that. If you haven’t – check it out!"

Spring 2022 IA Employment Conference Attendee Brian Coy
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"The Iowa Employment Conference run by Nan Boland and her team was very well organized and planned out. As a presenter, I experienced very clear communication before, during and after the conference. After speaking with exhibitors and other presenters, I heard the same response. There was over 300 in attendance and all were very engaged and there to learn, build relationships, and look for vendors. Thank you for putting on an amazing conference!"

Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Monte M. Wyatt
"I really enjoyed the conference! I found the information conveyed by the presenters to be insightful, useful and enjoyable. I look forward to attending the next event." 

Spring 2022 IA Employment Conference Attendee Dawn Bowman
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"I was honored to be among this group speaking at the Iowa Employment Conference today. Thank you to Nan Boland and her top-notch team for a great day!"

Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Lori Vande Krol
Life Made Simple, LLC
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"Thank you to Iowa Employment Conference, Nan Boland and the entire team for allowing me to speak and present last week during the Redesign HR conference."
"We had an amazing group of attendees & participants. Loved the energy in the room…. Lots of forward thinkers!!!"
Fall 2022 IA Employment Conference Speaker Bill Dean
Providing full continuum services to support mental health safe environments
& build resiliency for ongoing forever maintenance. Strength & evidence-based curriculum.
Help Make Mental Health Care Accessible to All

Nearly one in three of our Iowan neighbors needing mental health care cannot access it due to the cost. That’s why we’re raising funds to ensure finances are never a barrier to care!
Your generosity breaks down financial barriers by enabling us to provide counseling and substance abuse services to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. With your support, we can continue to offer a lifeline to Iowans in need.

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"Elissa has led our HR team throughout it all with humility and grace. She is a strong and decisive leader and worked together with all of us to ensure employees at both legacy companies had a smooth transition with little interruptions as we merged together as one." excerpt from her nomination form
Do you know someone in your HR department (or company-wide) who deserves to be recognized for making a positive impact in your company from day to day??

Whether personal or professional, in a big or a small way, we all know those people who go above & beyond for the greater good.

We want to help these everyday (H)eroes be (R)ecognized! Send your nominations to us & one deserving person each month leading up to the current conference will be selected to receive a free conference registration + a $50 VISA gift card! We will announce the winner in the following month's newsletters.

December 2022 Family Movies
77 Best Christmas Appetizers for Hosting Over the Holidays
The Pioneer Woman | Erin Cavoto | December 1, 2022

We've got dips, finger foods, and tons of festive snacks.
The Decorating December Newsletter is a great title for this newsletter because I've always been crazy about Christmas & decorating. I love the music, the sparkly decorations & I absolutely love selecting presents for my family and seeing their faces light up.

I love the season so much that almost every year on Halloween I start to decorate my house. Yup, I'm one of them! The holiday for me means love, family and lots of laughter.

One of the best traditions in my family for as long as I can remember is "my girls" coming over for our annual cookie decorating day. It is one of my favorite days of the year. You see, they aren't my biological daughters but actually my nieces! I hold on to the hope that as their lives move forward they will always try to honor this tradition!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful holiday season decorating and creating some meaningful memories and traditions of your own.