Decorating Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Capture
the Attention of Qualified Buyers

Staging a home for purchase is one of the most critical parts of the sales process. This is your opportunity to highlight the structure's strong features while diminishing those that are less than desirable. It is also a time to ensure that people are in the right frame of mind for making positive purchasing decisions.

There are a number of strategic, decorative touches that you can use to make a house feel like home. Surprisingly, however, too many of these elements can actually turn prospects away, especially if you use the wrong ones. This is why sellers are often advised to empty out and de-clutter their spaces before getting started.
Too many of your personal effects will make it hard for consumers to picture themselves and their families in the abode. Rather than hanging up or placing framed photographs of you and your loved ones, look for modern art to hang on the wall. These additions are also a nice way to highlight any track lighting or wall sconces that you have installed. This is the first step in de-personalization and it creates an environment that is still versatile enough to allow for personal associations. Avoid overfilling rooms with furnishings in order to make them seem more opulent. This decorating style can make rooms feel a lot smaller than they actually are. When its difficult to negotiate their way around over-sized furnishings, some people may even feel cramped and decide to cut their visits short. If there are built-in nooks, niches or shelves in the wall, stagger a few framed pictures along with candles and statues. You can even throw in a few clever book titles. Details like these draw the eye to these important architectural additions and truly highlight these property features.
Never neglect the property exterior when staging a home. This is the first thing that prospective investors will see upon pulling up. It is also the first place where you should start clearing away clutter and depersonalizing the abode. Once you have a clear area to start with, add in a few potted plants and a decorative bench for resting. As in the home, you want to avoid adding in so many elements that the space starts to take on a decidedly small look.

When homes have balconies or terraces, these should be staged as well. When appropriate, set up a small table to exhibit the possibilities of outdoor dining and relaxation. Add potted plants or set up a few outside LED lights to really make the building look phenomenal as the sun sets. LED lights are temporary, inexpensive and easy to install. More importantly, they can really add a new dimension to any outdoor lighting plan that is currently in place.

If achieving the right balance between a properly staged home and one that feels over-cluttered is too taxing, you can always hire a property styling service to handle this task for you. The professionals who provide this assistance know how to capture the attention of potential investors and retain it. Best of all, they can help you style your entire home on an entirely reasonable budget.
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