On Sunday, August 26th, Bishop Roger Ames and his wife, Gretsie, will attend our dedication service, to celebrate the founding of St. Augustine's, and to confirm our catechumens, Brandon, Sam, Victor, Joy, Daniel, and Gloria .

This is a grand time to invite friends and family to church, to see what St. Augustine's is like. Please make every effort to worship at St. Augustine's on this grand and glorious day in the life of our parish and for the work of God's Kingdom here on earth.
We Need St. Auggie's MEN!
We are joining voices in a choir to sing Amazing Grace on Sunday, August 26th, at our Dedication Festival. WE NEED MORE MEN!

Our next rehearsal is this coming Sunday, August 17th, right after church. Will you consider staying for 30 minutes to practice? Of course you would! :)

The final practice will be Sunday morning, August 26th at 900am, right before church.

Come along and sing for the Lord!
(We could use a few more women, too!!)
There are picnics, and there are Patrick Picnics! St. Auggie's had the time of our lives swimming, boating, eating, and fellowship-ing! Thank you, Patricks, for your generous hearts, and the Collinses, for all the food preparation!! Click here for pictures of our event.

The Picnic Lost and Found will be brought to church on September 2nd, when the Patricks return from vacation. We have black shorts, Tanya’s bowl, a white casserole dish, and one kid’s sock.

Ministry Dedication Sunday is September 9th.
All ministry leaders will be blessed for the coming year in this annual service.
Fr. Terry gathered the confirmands for an end-of-the-year celebration by attending the Columbus Crew game on Saturday, August 11th. If there could be more fun to be had, we don't know how!! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen for these young people.
As you keep our young people in your prayers, consider participating in a new ministry we are going to begin no later than the fall. It’s called Engage and you can read a quick description about it  here . Engage pairs adults with youth to read the Bible one on one, talk about it what you’ve read/what it means for you, and to pray together. This is a great chance to develop significant new relationships as you participate in an important new ministry for the life and health of our parish and to see first-hand the power of God’s word at work.
CLICK HERE  to read/listen to Sunday's sermon.
St. Augustine's received a certificate of appreciation for the mission work we did in the spring to provide supplies and to package care packages for those on active duty in the Marines. Thank you for your willingness to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world, St. Auggie's, where we are changed by God to make a difference for God!
Birthday Cake


Aug. 1
Jackson G.

Aug. 3
Dondra M.

Aug. 5
Sarah H.

Aug 10
Cheri D.

Aug 14
Debbie P.

Aug. 19
Deanna G.

Aug. 28
Margaret C.

Aug. 30
Betsy Y.


Aug. 4
David and Mary Megan A.

Aug 16
Curt and Ann C.

If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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