Dedication Festival at St. Augustine's Anglican, August 2017


This Sunday August 26,  we will  celebrate the founding of St. Augustine’s  and  confirm six young people  as full adult members of Christ’s one holy, catholic, and apostolic church.  Bishop Ames and his wife Gretsie will be visiting  that day to confirm the young people.

In  preparation for their confirmation this coming Sunday , please do  keep our catechumens, Brandon, Sam, Victor, Joy, Daniel, and Mercy in your ongoing prayers

This is a grand time to invite friends and family to church, to see what St. Augustine's is like. Please make every effort to worship at St. Augustine's on this grand and glorious day in the life of our parish and for the work of God's Kingdom here on earth.

---Fr. Kevin
The choir is growing! Ken and Tanya Matsuda have a way of pulling out notes from us that we didn't know we could sing! Be at the church no later than 9:15am to practice one last time. (And if you have a folder, don't forget to bring it Sunday!) AMAZING GRACE, HOW SWEET THE SOUND!
As Father Gatwood announced Sunday, the 9th of September will be the Gatwoods' last Sunday with us.   Along with the Hardins , they will  launch a new church plant  on the west side of Columbus beginning the 16th. Accordingly,  we will say our goodbyes   to the Gatwoods and Hardins  and send them off with our support and prayers.  Saying goodbye properly is a critical component  in relationships so please do come out and say your goodbyes to these faithful families who seek to do the Lord’s work. Father Gatwood will preach and preside at the eucharist that day.

--Fr. Kevin
It is with great joy that we announce that  Father Sang and Philarice will become naturalized citizens on August 23 and Sept 11 respectively . We will have a  celebration in their honor as part of our parish dedication festival ! Congratulations Sangs! We commend you for doing it the right way and know you will be splendid citizens! (Pictures of Fr. Philip's day this Thursday are forthcoming!)
An announcement from Wendy:

St. Augustine’s has completed the chartering process for American Heritage Girls (AHG) Troop OH2808!
AHG is an outreach ministry for young women ages 5-18, with the mission of building women of integrity though service to God, family, community and country. Our specific Troop will serve families in Westerville and the northern areas of Columbus and its suburbs.  The Troop is now recruiting new girl members and adult volunteers for various mentorship roles, and will formally start meeting in late September.

AHG programming emphasizes key components that help develop Christ-following servant leaders who are honoring, relational, anchored and competent. Girls can earn badges, undertake new experiences, and have a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow in such areas as citizenship, girl leadership, hands on service and charity, life skills competency, and — most importantly — how all this all relates to following Christ.. . more

Ministry Dedication/Fall Kick-Off Sunday
is September 9th.
All ministry leaders will be blessed for the coming year in this annual service.
As you keep our young people in your prayers, consider participating in a new ministry we are going to begin no later than the fall. It’s called Engage and you can read a quick description about it  here . Engage pairs adults with youth to read the Bible one on one, talk about it what you’ve read/what it means for you, and to pray together. This is a great chance to develop significant new relationships as you participate in an important new ministry for the life and health of our parish and to see first-hand the power of God’s word at work.
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It was my  pleasure and honor to marry two of our parishioners this past Friday  at High Banks Park.  Sara and Wade  were united in holy matrimony at 430pm and the Lord was good to us as he held off the rain (although he told me I had to ditch my hour sermon in favor of a 10 minute variety; hate it when that happens because I love to hear myself talk). 

Mr and Mrs G are the first parishioners I’ve married and  we wish them nothing but happiness and a life lived well together as ribs Send them a congratulatory note   by clicking here . Let them know that we miss them and that they’re part of our family!

Birthday Cake


Aug. 1
Jackson G.

Aug. 3
Dondra M.

Aug. 5
Sarah H.

Aug 10
Cheri D.

Aug 14
Debbie P.

Aug. 19
Deanna G.

Aug. 28
Margaret C.

Aug. 30
Betsy Y.


Aug. 4
David and Mary Megan A.

Aug 16
Curt and Ann C.

If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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