Overcoming Obstacles
Talk Yourself into Trying
Things looked hopeless for Israel's tiny army. Thousands of P hilistines marched against King Saul whose army only numbered about 3,000. Saul hesitated to attack his vastly superior adversary; day after day he talked himself out of  trying to defeat the enemy. Because his defeatist attitude affected his men, many deserted. He ended up with a mere force of 600. (See I Samuel 13:22-14:14.)
Are you talking yourself out of trying to share your story of God's work in your life? Have you convinced yourself there are too many obstacles for that job promotion? Has life convinced you that you are unqualified to try anything worthwhile?
We want to become Christians who never talk themselves out of trying the impossible. We want to exercise faith in God, and faith in God talks us
into trying.
As Saul continued talking himself out of trying to attack, his son Jonathan talked himself into striking the Philistine forces. Jonathan talked himself into trying in spite of his father's cowardice; in spite of the army's smallness; in spite of the lack of weapons. "Come, let's go over to the Philistine outpost" (I Samuel 14:1). In spite of all the obstacles in his path, Jonathan refused to talk himself out of trying. Where did he acquire such faith?
He considered God his Partner. "Perhaps the Lord will act in our  behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or few" (I Samuel 14:6). Faith in God propelled Jonathan to take action!

Dear friend, what about you? God is your Partner on the job, in leading the family, in living the Christian life, in performing Christian service and in facing both pleasant and unpleasant times. Why not try achieving your strongly desired goals? Spend time talking yourself into trying!
Notice a word Jonathan used when he referred to the Lord. " Perhaps the Lord will act." Jonathan knew God would act-he just didn't know how God would act. Jonathan's word perhaps merely indicates that he was willing to take a risk rather than talk himself out of attempting the impossible. We cannot remove the element of risk whenever we move ahead with our plans or our ambitions. People who talk themselves into trying the impossible accept the risks attached to going on with life.
Jonathan chose to place uncertainty in God's hands. His trust in God overcame his fear of risk-taking . He could not see the precise outcome of trying to succeed. He could see the Lord, who controls whatever happens when we are willing to try.
When Jonathan acted on his desire to attack the enemy, God worked in his behalf. The Lord brought about a tremendous victory over the enemies of Israel.
Talk yourself into trying to achieve your desires. God stands ready to "fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith"      (2 Thessalonians 1:11).


Prayer: "Today, Dear Lord, I am facing a hopeless situation. I cannot go on. I feel scared and powerless. But with you, Heavenly Father, all things are possible! Your Word tells me nothing is too difficult for you. No obstacle or plan can succeed against you. I am your child in whom you delight. I am coming to you today for courage to go forward with expectation and faith in your unlimited power. With you as my Partner, I can face anything! I place all my uncertainties in your loving hands. I totally trust you, the One who controls all that happens when I am willing to try. Thank you for all the good plans you hold in store for me!" 

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